Yoon Kye-sang turns photog

Anyway. Yoon Kye-sang is trying his hand at another skill: photography. He follows in the footsteps of fellow shutterbug stars like Bae Doo-na, So Ji-sub, and Park Ji-yoon by publishing his own photographs.

Yoon’s project, however, is a part of a larger enterprise — an “It Travel” project comprising travel journals and pictures. At the end of the month, he heads to Turkey and will contribute his personally shot photographs to a travel book chronicling the sights and attractions of cities like Istanbul, Kapadokia, and Antalya. He will take his photos under the dual themes of “exploring the city’s back streets” and “nature and repose.”

A group of photographer bloggers will also be making the trip with Yoon, and have been invited to show off their own photography skills by publishing their accounts and pictures following the trip. (They’ll work under different themes, focusing on Turkey’s history, cafes, and restaurants.)

Yoon Kye-sang has always expressed an interest in photography, but in preparation for this opportunity, he’s delved into his hobby with greater depth, spending the past six months studying and brushing up his skills.
Source: Edaily & MyDaily
Credit: Dramabeans


2 Responses to “Yoon Kye-sang turns photog”

  1. visit Antalya on your tour!

  2. I think you should visit İstanbul.Im living in istanbul and I like it.I dont know english very well but İstanbul is the most beautiful city in the world.when I see some tourists I will be happy.so,come!!!

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