Hyun Joong and Hwayobi were initially supposed to be a pair

It was announced that Hyun Joong and Hwayobi were intially meant to be paired together.

The both of them are currently participating in WGM, Hyun Joong as one half of the Lettuce Couple and Hwayobi as the newly added wife of Hwan Hee.

Jeon Seung Ho PD said that the original partners for WGM were actually Hyun Joong and Hwayobi. This was because they had initially thought that a couple with the 4D concept would have been interesting to watch.

However, he said that they finally decided that if the both of them were partnered together they would have not have been able to showcase their individual charms, and Hyun Joong was then partnered with Hwang Bo.

>> Glad that Hyun Joong ended up being paired with Hwangbo. 😀
Credits: Empas News


6 Responses to “Hyun Joong and Hwayobi were initially supposed to be a pair”

  1. >> Glad that Hyun Joong ended up being paired with Hwangbo. 😀

    I agree.

  2. iblessbothofyoumrkimandmrskim.. Says:

    i like all hwayobi too.. but, i’m rather like to see hyu joong with hwangbo.. different personality will match up better..
    actually i really want to see hwayobi with kangta..
    hyun joong & hwangbo and hwayobi & kangta will be a great couple!!

  3. I love the Hwanyobi couple but I keep imagining how it would be if Hyung joong and Hwayobi actually were a couple. That would really be interesting

  4. angie9705 Says:

    If HJ is paired up with Hwayobi it doesn’t seem fun as Joongbo couple. I also imagined what it would be like if HB is paired up with someone else like Brian or Kim Kyung Rok….

  5. I think Hyun Joong + Hwayobi coupling would not have worked well. It’s just going to be weird, LOL.

    Hwangbo + Hyun Joong was awesome.
    But Hwangbo + Kim Kyung Rok would have been “Super Romantic”, would have surpassed even Alex/Sinae Romance, or Joongbo romance. I think those 2 would’ve really made a real couple if matched together in WGM.

  6. hahaha.. At first I really want Hwangbo to be paired with Kyung rok coz for sure kyung rok would treat Hwangbo nicely. I heard he likes HB.hehehe.. Love them in xman esp. on their lovers in paris parody.

    BUT JOONGBO couple makes me so addictive to them. They’re the most hilarious.. but still.. I think they’re the sweetest couple! joongboers around keep on believing.
    JoongBo HWAITING!

    *I hope they are dating secretly<3

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