Hyun Joong: The violin interests me

SS501 leader, Hyun Joong, has fallen for the violin.

Hyun Joong has been practicing the violin for his role as Rui in the upcoming KBS2 drama, Hana Yori Dango. As his role is one of a wealthy handsome man who is a member of F4, he is currently practicing the violin and will also be undergoing golf and horseback riding lessons, to fit in with the needs of the character.

His agency stated that he has been training his acting as well as going for classes to learn the violin, and because of his background with the guitar, it was easier for him with the violin as they were both similar. His instructor was also amazed with his progress after only seven sessions. They also stated that although the filming for the drama is scheduled to start soon, he is currently busy with WGM therefore he will learn horseback riding and golf when the drama starts.

SS501 were also scheduled to resume their activities in Japan in February next year, however, the shooting for the 24 episode drama is expected to carry on until March. The Japanese side would be understanding of this, as they too have high expectations for the drama.

Credits: 501dong.com


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