SS501 schedule update (10.09.08)

Just thought I’d share this with you guys, especially those who were worried about Hyun Joong being overworked again. I read this from a few articles and the current status of SS501 activities are as follows:

1) Hyun Joong will be filming the Korean Hana Yori Dango in October.

2) Kyu Jong, Yong Saeng and Hyung Joon will be collaborating together and forming a group called ‘Triple S’. They will be presenting their album in November, with a total of seven songs including songs that the members composed themselves.

3) Jung Min will be participating in the musical Grease.

4) The SS boys will be holding their second fan meeting in November as well.

5) The release of their 2nd album has been postponed to May, 2009.

Credits: Empas News, CNB News, Chosun

One Response to “SS501 schedule update (10.09.08)”

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