Reason Behind Rain Appearing On Numerous Variety Shows

For his 5th album comeback, Rain (26) has been confirmed for appearances on top variety shows on the 3 major television networks in Korea. Why has Rain decide to appear on these representative variety shows all of a sudden? This serves as a sharp contrast with the past when he released his previous four albums under JYP Entertainment and rarely appeared on variety shows.

Rain had stopped promotions in Korea for the past 2 years, filtering instead between America and Germany for his movies. Although he has become a global star, the interaction between him and his fans has been minimal. In his absence, idol groups like Big Bang, Wonder Girls have stepped up, fulfiling the general public demands. This is why Rain is seeking to actively participate on variety shows upon his return and with his album release incoming.

According to J. Tunes Entertainment, “Because of his overseas work commitments, there isn’t much chance for Rain to interact with his fans. Rain actually wants to interact with his fans very much. So to repay his fans, he is pushing himself to appear on as much variety shows as he can.”

The representative added, “Rain’s 5th album is the first that his company is releasing under his name since breaking out from JYP Entertainment. Rain feels that the album will have a bearing on the company’s success or failure. So he is going all out to make sure it’s a success because he knows everyone is expecting a lot from him and he holds himself responsible.”


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