Lee Hyori Cares for Choi Jin Shil’s Children

The touching story of Lee Hyori visiting the children of Choi Jin Shil last Friday night warmed the hearts of many after it was made known to the public.

Choi Jin Shil’s brother, Choi Jin Young is currently responsible for her two children and are looking after them in his home. Lee Hyori visited Choi Jin Young’s home on the night of 10th October in Nohyon-dong, reading fairytales to them plus playing with them before putting them to bed.

Lee Hyori doesn’t have any relations with Choi Jin Shil. She was deliberating over whether to go to Choi Jin Shil’s funeral after she learnt of her death but decided not to in the end. She felt very bad about it. She decided to visit Choi Jin Shi’s children after learning from her best friends Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Sora that Choi Jin Shil’s daughter was a big fan of Lee Hyori.

“Despite feeling exhausted having come straight from filming for “Family Outing”, Hyori had a great time. But she couldn’t help but break down in tears when she was back in the car”, said a close associate of Hyori.

Hyori’s presence bought smiles back on the faces of Choi Jin Shi’s children. Hyori stayed until the children was sleeping soundly before leaving Choi Jin Young’s home. Hyori also left behind her autographed CD as a gift.

>> I’m liking Lee Hyo Ri even more… She seems like a nice girl. ^_^

Credit: Coolsmurf

One Response to “Lee Hyori Cares for Choi Jin Shil’s Children”

  1. saisaichitchit Says:

    she ‘s so kindness.

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