Korean Singers Gather in Singapore for K-Pop Concert

In conjunction with the Korea Festival 2008 next month, Korean singers will gather and perform at the Singapore Indoor stadium on 4th November!

To promote Korean culture in Singapore, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has organized a Korean Festival 2008 from 1st – 18th November with the highlight being Shinhwa members JunJin and Andy, boyband 2PM, popular girl group Wonder Girls, Jewelry and V.O.S., etc will gather in Singapore for the first time for a Korean Pop Night at the Indoor Stadium on 4th November.

It’s known that the 6,000 tickets will not be for sale. According to the organizers, most of the tickets will instead be distributed through their sponsors like LG, Samsung, Far East Organization, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. But they also revealed, “We might be distributing 200 – 300 tickets during concert day but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

>> Lucky Singaporeans! Hehe they’ll be able to see a lot of KPop stars. Wish i had the money to fly there and watch the event. A lot of my favorite stars will be performing, whaaa!!!!

Credit: OMY Singapore

5 Responses to “Korean Singers Gather in Singapore for K-Pop Concert”

  1. argh!! its lucky that they are coming down to singapore! but it os super difficult to get it!

  2. anyone still have available tix??
    Please msg me 9771 2955

  3. hi, i’ve got pair of tickets to let go. pls email me at happy88cloud@yahoo.com.sg. thks

  4. HEY
    i got ONE korean pop nite tix for sale..very good seat it’s at block A.

    contact me if ur interested @ melia_qin@hotmail.com.

  5. Hi I’ve got a pair of tickets for sale. Selling it by a close bid system. ( You wont know what others are bidding it for, and i’ll sell it to the one who offered me the highest price. I will not be negotiating with the bidders. )

    Min : $150 for a pair of tickets.

    so just email me the price you’re willing to pay by Sunday 9pm. Will arrange to meet up with the winner on monday.

    I’ll let you know by Sunday 11pm, whether or not you’ve won the bid 🙂

    seats : t14, row 24, seat 7 & 8


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