Kim Sun Ah Tangos with Rain at Showcase

Actress Kim Sun Ah was at Rain’s showcase “Me, Rain, Dance” last night, performing the tango version of Rain’s song “Bad Guy”, executing it perfectly.

During their performance, Kim Sun Ah showed that her dancing ability was definitely on par with a pro which liven up the whole stage. She expressed, “I pay close attention to dancing normally so I decided to appear for this program because it would be a good experience. Although the preparation time was short, all the sweat from training, smiles, the rythmn and dance moves were like blissful presents to me. I want to expressed my thanks from the bottom of my heart to Rain for bringing a new lease of life to my normal lifestyle.”

Kim Sun Ah had gone through intensive training for the past 2 weeks and managed to remember all the tango moves within 3 days, showing the charisma of a professional actress. To thank Sun Ah for her support at his comeback showcase, Rain prepared a birthday party for her. Rain made a surprise visit on 1st October at the dance studio and had a impromptu birthday party for Kim Sun Ah together with all the staff. Rain also gave her a birthday present.

Kim Sun Ah and Rain’s fantasy tango will be shown through MBC on 17th October through the broadcast of his “Me, Rain, Dance” showcase.

>> Can’t wait to see this one. ^^

Credit: Coolsmurf


One Response to “Kim Sun Ah Tangos with Rain at Showcase”

  1. KSA is one and only multi-talented Korean actress which I really look up to so far. She has got the talent, funny and always natural while acting. I think she has got an attractive charisma that managed to attract her viewers. Her recent drama, When It’s At Night, she really acted very well. She can be tough, funny, spontaneous and sad. Lee Dong Gun looked more manly and hero acted besides KSA. I think KSA has the charm to make any actors acted with her looked attractive too. Keep it up. I wish to see KSA and Lee Dong Gun teamed up together.

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