Hwang Bo: My body’s secret is Taekwondo

Standing at 165 cm and weighing 46 kg, Hwang Bo’s frame is firm.

She says that the secret for her body is to drink lots of water and walk a lot. She doesn’t go for full body massages or practices a strict fitness routine for maintaining herself. In fact her secret method is one that is not well known to most people, Taekwondo.

Hwang Bo is currently a 3rd Dan black belt holder in Taekwondo, and the only thing preventing her from getting her 4th Dan (which would enable her to become a Taekwondo trainer) is her busy schedule.

She said that had she not become a celebrity, she would have become a Taekwondo trainer. She also added that she enjoys sports which involve swift movements such as badminton, basketball and swimming. Lately, she has also been going for walks with her mother around her house, each session lasting about one and a half hours. Another health tip that she recommended is mountain climbing as it is a method for strengthening leg muscles as well as a way to help control one’s breathing when singing.

Hwang Bo is also well known for taking good care of herself. She watches her calories carefully and once she feels full, she sets her spoon down. Even when watching TV, she does not keep still and does movements with her body. She says that although she doesn’t have a fantastic body, she does put in a lot of effort.

Credits: Empas News, Star News


One Response to “Hwang Bo: My body’s secret is Taekwondo”

  1. She’s the sexiest girl ive seen! Love her Body so much and she also got a pretty face.

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