SS501: Rising as Asia’s best singers

(Briefly translated. This is for you Shar! Champagne!!)

SS501 won the Best Asian Singer Award at the Asia Song Festival held today in Seoul.

A total of 12 countries participated in this festival, namely from Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. The artists that participated in the Asia Song Festival include Shin Seung Hoon, Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae as well as other top Asian singers.

This festival aims to promote music through exchanges to revitalise the stagnant music industry.

*Credits: Newsen*

4 Responses to “SS501: Rising as Asia’s best singers”

  1. congratulations SS501 ^_^

  2. make the dream become real, you are the best, SS501! Congratulation, always keep the spirit and u can do as you wish.

  3. Congratulations!!!……you guys made it again!!! you!!!

  4. maggie_chan Says:



    SS501 arE thE BeST!!!!!!


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