These boys don’t cry

…but they do attend high-profile film festivals.

Actors Lee Wan and Song Chang-eui of the film Boys Don’t Cry (director Bae Hyung-joon) are expected to attend the upcoming Pusan International Film Festival, including the Asia Pacific Actors Network (APAN) event on the 3rd.

In addition to those appearances, both actors will be on hand for a fan autograph-signing event, all in the name of promoting their upcoming war drama, which is set in 1953 — dealing with the two boys’ struggle to survive in the aftermath of the war — and opens on November 6.

>> It’s been a while since i last saw Lee Wan in the screen. ^^

Credit: OSEN


2 Responses to “These boys don’t cry”

  1. Lee Wan is the best korean actor i’ve ever come across…

  2. I agreed with Rebeca, Lee Wan also has such a big present on screen.

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