Park Min Young for Lancome Advectorial November 2008

Park Min Young posted 2 selcas on her Cyworld minihompy recently which was dated 27th September. Both selcas sees her at the dressing table getting her hair styled for a Lancome advertorial which will be published sometime in November. She already looks great ♥ even before the photoshoot.

im not going anywhere~♬

blah blah it’s always fun to be in studio
but need to work on “blah blah”

Lancome advertorial 2008.11

Lancome advertorial 2008.11

I’ve been trying to live every day by being very hardworking

Soon, I will be back with good news and in a good shape

Hope, you all will do well till then

PS. By the way, did you know all the pictures I’ve been uploading recently including this one are at least half a year old? hehe!

credit: lazenca0 (translation) / Coolsmurf


8 Responses to “Park Min Young for Lancome Advectorial November 2008”

  1. i think u are really pretty and cool…………

  2. hi i love you i think u r really Hotttttttttt

  3. miko momoto Says:

    onni minyoungnarak ออนนีสวยจัง ~

  4. hi park.. i’ve watch the your show, which is hick.. i’m from philippines, you are so cute there and angelic face.. hope you come here in our country.. hope to see you in personal,it’s my honor.. ❤

  5. i love your smile park min young and you are soo cute and beautiful ❤ …….. you are the best korean actress xP

  6. katrina guiang park Says:

    hi park min young i always watching your show

  7. such a pretty face, that’s why a lot of people admires you! 😉

  8. friscilla salsabila (lala aja) Says:

    i like it

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