Choi Jin Shil Ends Her Life

Choi Jin Shil was found to have commited suicide in her home in Seocho, Seoul. According to the police, her body was found this morning in her bathroom at 6.15am. “We received word of her suicide and went to verify it. Her death was confirmed at 7.38am,” said the police. It was revealed by another police officer that her mother had called the police after discovering that she had hanged herself with an elastic band tied to the shower stall in the bathroom.

The police revealed the possible last communication that she had, “Choi’s make-up artist received a text message from her at 12.45am. She wrote ‘my friend, I am sorry, if something happens to me, please take care of my kids’. Her words hinting at the eventual path that she took a few hours later.”

She is likely to have been pushed over the edge over the fact that she had a hand to play in Ahn Jae Hwan’s death who committed suicide last month by lending him 2.5M USD. But she had alleged that it was a malicious rumor and had threatened legal action. The final straw came when she was invited to Seocho police station for an interview for any possible involvement.

“Although it was a routine procedure, but she must have felt that her reputation went down the drain and was a big blow to her,” her management explained. Her co-star Sohn Hyun Joo had been filming a CF with Choi Jin Shil yesterday and expressed, “She looked really weary when she appeared. Her face looked really bad and we had to stop after 2 hours because she found it difficult.”

She leaves behind a 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter whom she had won custody of after her lengthy and ugly divorce with her ex-husband and baseball player Cho Sung Min in 2004. My condolences to her family members.

>> Rest in Peace, Choi Jin Shil. I was so shocked and saddened when i read this news today… What came into my mind immediately was… “how’s the second season of her drama with Jeong Joon Ho (The Last Scandal of My Life), which i’m really looking forward to this year since the season one of their drama has become one of my favorite dramas after watching it 4 times. As for her kids… i pity them. At such a young age they’ve experienced a lot of devastating life experiences. First was the divorce of their parents and now the death of their mother.. 😦

Credit: Joy News


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  1. Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

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