Secret agent man Kang Ji-hwan

Kang Ji-hwan really is keeping busy, making the most of this productive and successful time in his career. (He did back-to-back dramas, shooting Capital Scandal before launching himself directly into the eight-month-long commitment with Hong Gil Dong, after which he kept active promoting his recent film with So Ji-sub, A Movie Is a Movie (aka Rough Cut), had a large-scale fanmeeting in Japan, and was recently cast in the upcoming Triple with Yoon Kye-sang and Lee Seon-kyun.)

Now he reunites with former co-star Kim Ha-neul as a danger-courting spy in Civil Servant Level 7, after previously playing cousins and lovers (yeah, I know) in the tearjerker melodrama 90 Days’ Time to Love. Apparently Kang took the role almost immediately after receiving the screenplay.

Known for being a perfectionist with his detailed, prepared character work, he now takes on double-duty in Civil Servant, ’cause he’s got two identities to juggle as a boring accountant who also happens to speak fluent Russian and act as a top-secret spy. Like Bond and Jason Bourne before him, he often handles missions alone (though he does work with Korea’s secret agent team); this mission concerns a biochemical weapon and Russian criminal organizations.

The movie, billed as an action romantic comedy, plans to start filming after its supporting cast is selected (likely mid-October).

>> Another Kang Ji Hwan movie to look forward too… ^^

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