Triple is officially awesome

…and it hasn’t even aired yet!

That’s it. Triple has just shot up — over Song Hye-gyo and Hyun Bin, over the Korean Hana Yori Dango — as my new most anticipated drama. Because on top of casting Lee Seon-kyun, then following with Yoon Kye-sang, they’ve now rounded out their lead trio with…

…Kang Ji-hwan!

I don’t know if I could’ve picked a dreamier ideal dream lineup. Sure, there are a few other actors I’d put in my “top picks” bag, but these three are at the top of the list of those still doing dramas.

And lest I sound like a hormonally driven fangirl (which, hey, don’t judge), all three are actually — gasp! — good actors.

They all bring a different kind of energy, which should be interesting to see together. Kang Ji-hwan has done both slapstick and tearjerker — he can be goofy and comically spot-on, but turn on a dime into heart-wrenchingly intense. Lee Seon-kyun has spent much of his recent career playing to type as the reserved, thoughtful introvert. And Yoon Kye-sang can be both outrageous and wonderfully emotive.

Kang Ji-hwan will take on the role of a short-track speed skater (talk about upgrading, huh?), while Yoon Kye-sang and Lee Seon-kyun are ad-agency execs. With the three male stars being so much older than young newbie actress Min Hyo-rin, who barely registers a blip on the radar in comparison, I’m starting to think (hope?) that the tone of Triple won’t skew quite as young (read: green and awkward) as previously feared.

Now we can only wait to see what Coffee Prince producer/director Lee Yoon-jung whips up. For the first time, I look on Triple without dread.

Credit: OSEN & Dramabeans

>>> Yay!!! Now i’m really looking forward to Triple because Kang Ji Hwan is in it… Before i’m only after this dramas becoz of Yoon Kye Sang but now that Kang Ji Hwan is included… i really can’t wait to see it.. ^^

4 Responses to “Triple is officially awesome”

  1. after watched him in be strong, i always watch out his next projects. looking forward to see this drama

  2. Christine Chan Says:

    Will be looking forward to watching Triple in Kuala Lumpur. New big fan of Korean dramas on KBS here, particularly, Mr Lee Seon-Kyun. Any specific fan website for him ? He plays the kind of characters very well, do keep it up, and looking fwd to seeing more of him in future Korean drama. Tks !

  3. Bamboo VN Says:

    I always hope to see you daily, more and more, lovely Kang Ji Hwang!

  4. Strange things happened with casting here it seems. I love Lee Jung Jae but I think he is wasted in this drama. However the three males actors carry this along with great acting. You could almost do without the females. they add nothing to this and don’t even fit with their screen partners. Only the gal with the flowing hair comes close to being interesting.

    what happend with the changes in the cast before startup?

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