Nam Sang Mi Ecole LUXE Magazine Photoshoot

Flip open the October issue of Ecole LUXE Magazine and you would be greeted by the sight of actress Nam Sang Mi as she oozes irresistible charm in the magazine photoshoot after wrapping up drama filming for “Gourmet”.

The photoshoot is titled, “Ice Lady, Pink Lady, Sexy Star…… Freedom, carefree Nam Sang Mi” which displays her oozing charisma from all corners. The photoshoot was taken at a coffee joint and marks her first since “Gourmet” ended. She will be taking a break and chill after nearly a year of filming.

Indeed living up to her Chameleon nickname.

Credit: Coolsmurf & credit: suejinners@soompi (pictures)

>> Nam Sang Mi is soo.. pretty in her pics. She’s truly a chameleon, lol. 😀 I’ve liked her eversince i watched her on the drama Bad Family & Sweet Spy. ^^,

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