[08.09.22][News] Prank on JunJin – “We heard that you decided to quit Shinhwa?”

MBC “Infinity Challenge” Hidden Camera section aired on 20th September has become the recent topic of viewers and netizens when JunJin, the current most popular male solo singer, got a prank from fake reporters about him and Shinhwa.

“Please tell us JunJin, is the story of you splitting from Shinhwa true ? We heard from other members that you decided to quit Shinhwa!”

Awake from sleep, JunJin was forced to get out of the house and face Ideiri SPN reporters. Numerous questions about Shinhwa were thrown from the air, which totally shocked the star.

“You have become a Superstar, with the popularity nowadays, are you going to quit Shinhwa?”

“What? I am still Shinhwa!” JunJin looked at the reporters and didn’t really know how to hit back since he was still in shock – “What kind of story? There’s no such thing!”

The singer then came back into the house and called everywhere to check what the reporters told him – “I was swarmed by the reporters. What happened?”

The reporters outside realised JunJin calling his manager couldn’t help but to burst out of laugh.

To release the pure singer from being all frustrated, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Hyung Don, and Noh Hong Chul decided to get out of the car and go to his house. When the singer opened the door, his three IC members revealed that they were deceiving him!

“I’m sorry JanJin, but this is really funny” – Yoo Jae Suk tried to conform the young member.

Credit: SPN – Korean/Eng: LetSayEden @ Shinhwa.biz

>> This is sooo… funny.. poor Jinnie.. hehe! 😀


One Response to “[08.09.22][News] Prank on JunJin – “We heard that you decided to quit Shinhwa?””

  1. his face after waking up so damn funny hahahaha

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