An Exclusive Party with Lee Dong-wook

Lee Dong-wook, just coming off his recent dark drama La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life), has been invited as a special VIP guest at the upcoming Bangkok International Film Festival, which takes place from the 23rd through 30th. However, as one of eighteen VIP guests, he represents the Hallyu world not on the basis of his recent drama work but an older series, the 2006 SBS trendy drama My Girl. Interestingly enough, while the other seventeen guests were invited on the basis of their movie work, Lee was the only one invited for a drama series.

In addition to walking the VIP red carpet, he’ll be holding his own fanmeeting and press conference, hosting his “Exclusive Party with Lee Dong-wook” on September 27.

A representative from his management company explained, “Because the drama My Girl and the film Arang were big hits in Thailand, Lee Dong-wook has a lot of fans there. As a result of holding one to two fanmeetings there, his interaction with his fans has made him popular.”

Credits: IS Plus & Dramabeans


4 Responses to “An Exclusive Party with Lee Dong-wook”

  1. khimberly Says:

    ……………♥ ur so cute……

    …………’ve been my inspiration in this past,present years………..

    …………….i hope i can see you in person…..

    …take care always…….

  2. good job!!!!
    hopefully you enjoy yourself
    take care!!!

  3. You’re my ultimate and only one FAVORITE Korean Actor since then… until present..

    I hope all the best happen in your life, lovelife and career!

    I admire you so much and I hope to see you in person..

    I love you Lee! Take good care of yourself..

    I hope and pray to see you more in MOVIES and more DRAMAS, especially with Lee Da Hae ‘coz I’m a BIG-BIG FAN of yours in my heart!

    I miss you so much Lee! Muah! Your’e soooo CUTE and HANDSOME! =)

  4. he is the best korean actor and i love him!!!!!!!!1

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