[08.09.22] [News] Andy Casted in the Musical “Singles”

Singer Andy has been casted in the creative musical “Singles” which will start performances in November. Leaving the cute image behind he will take on the role of a mature single man.

Today the agency said, “Andy during this time had countless projects to choose from and was in a dilemma but chose “Singles”. It seemed that he wanted to once again be in a musical and show his ability as an actor by being part of it. After practice, in November the performances will start in Baekam Art Hall.”

Debuting last September in the musical “Music in My Heart” and continue to work steadily in musicals as his second musical was the “Polaroid”.

The representative of the company in charge of “Singles” said, “Andy’s potential as an actor in a musical is great and has the ability to become a big star. Through this musical, it looks like he could garner more roles in the future.”

Andy’s role in the musical is “Soo Hyun” who is a capable, single man.

Andy has completed activities for his solo albums as well as held concerts. On the 23nd, he will be shooting his last appearence for the MBC show “We are Married”.

credit: oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz

>>Whaa… another musical for Andy oppa.. ^^


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