To be or not to be Lee Ji-hoon

Singer and actor Lee Ji-hoon (You’re My Destiny, Hello Miss) is wrapping up his role of the Prince of Denmark in the musical production of Hamlet and had a few thoughts on the experience playing one of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters.

And while I’d like to make some thoughtful commentary on his taking the role and the existential soliloquy it’s most known for, I’m too distracted by how awful Lee Ji-hoon looks in these photos. I like the guy, really I do — he has an approachable warmth to his acting — but he looks like some cheesy cosplaying Luke Skywalker/The Bachelor hybrid. It was almost enough to make me file it as an “Oh Snap” and make some inappropriate commentary about the handling of his sword and maybe some references to thrusting technique.

(At the risk of alienating y’all further, I cannot be the only person who hears the words “Hamlet” and “musical” spoken together and immediately flashes to the old Gilligan’s Island episode where they set the soliloquy to Carmen, right? I KNOW you know what I’m talking about. Update! Here we go. The Offenbach has to be my personal favorite.)

Back to Lee Ji-hoon. The role of Hamlet is actually being shared among four actors; Lee Ji-hoon alternates with Park Gun-hyung, Im Tae-hyung, and Yoon Hyun-ryul. Currently, he’s spending his free time practicing his sword skills, particularly for his fight with Laertes, since timing is the most important aspect in the fight choreography.

Lee explains that he’d always wanted to do a musical, having begun his singing career more than ten years ago and now enjoying a television acting career: “I want to show people yet another side to me that hasn’t been shown before. I want to try new things and be recognized for them.” With the curtain about to come down on the production, Lee hopes he’ll be able to correct all his previous flaws in his last performance.

Hamlet is currently running and closes on September 21.

more pictures:

>>Lee Ji Hoon looks so gorgeous in the pics. ^^,


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