Celebrating an early birthday in Japan

Currently in between dramas, Yoon Eun-hye headed to Japan to celebrate her 24th birthday (25 in Korean terms) with Japanese fans on September 19.

The party was a little premature — her actual birthday isn’t until October 3 — but she took the day to interact with approximately 1,400 Japanese fans in attendance at Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. Among the activities were a “question corner,” a dance-off with fans, and photo and handshaking time. Her recent CF jingle “Salad Song” was played, and Yoon sang a Japanese ballad originally recorded by Jpop duo Kiroro, “Nagai Aida.”

Toward the end of the event, Yoon explained, “I should have worn comfortable shoes — I regret wearing these. My legs hurt and I’m sorry to be showing you a tired appearance. Next time, I’ll come wearing comfortable shoes. I heard I received more than ten boxes of gifts — when I get back to the hotel, I’ll have to open them.” She said she enjoys being in Japan and promised to return.

Her popularity in Japan may not be on par with other Hallyu stars or even proportional to her fame in Korea, but she enjoys a sizable fanbase due to her two largest hits, Goong and Coffee Prince (the event had been planned to host 2,000, but only 1,400 attendees signed up, and Yoon explained that Hallyu men tend to command larger fanmeets than the ladies). Goong, which was an early 2006 show in Korea, aired in Japan last year, while Coffee Prince was also a big hit in Japan; in fact, this event progressed in talk-show format taking the concept of a “Coffee Prince Store #2.”

Credits: EDaily & Dramabeans


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