We Got Married PD, “It’s the Couples Decision to Stay or Leave”

The PD of MBC “We Got Married” expressed in an interview today, “Andy and Solbi are the most likely couple among the present four to leave the show but we will not decide on anything until we get their consent.”

During the studio recording next week on 23rd September, it will be D-Day as each couple will sit down and decide whether or not they would want to continue being on “We Got Married”. The couple will then make a decision with a ‘X’ or ‘O’, if both says ‘O’, then they will continue. If not, they will exit.

This decision making segment was actually played out during the New Year’s Special between Solbi – Hong Kyung Min, Alex – Jang Yoon Jung, Jung Hyung Don – Saori and Seo In Young – Crown J. But it was only a one-off special then.

Since “We Got Married” became a weekly staple, they have ditched the decision making process and create missions for the make-believe couples. The decision to continue or drop out of the show is entirely up to the participants.

The PD of “We Got Married” expressed, “Thus, if Andy and Solbi both say that they want to continue on the show, it is a possibility. But right now, Andy and Solbi are the couple that has most trouble controlling their emotions.”

Many viewers did find it a pity when the 9 years age gap couple of Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong left the show without giving a proper reason or explanation. They just disappeared suddenly. All four couples have/will be filming a mission similar to a ‘goodbye trip’ before the studio recording to help them make their decision on whether or not they want to leave. The couples who will stay and the couples who will leave will be revealed on 28th September.

The PD ended by saying, “The three new couples from the Chuseok special are most likely to come in as replacements should any present couple decide to leave. But nothing will be decided yet until someone exits the show. The new couples are unlikely to be a duplication of what couples currently brings to the show because it would be difficult. He reiterated that it’s not for sure that the most popular couple from the Chuseok special would be picked.”

Solbi expressed in a separate interview, “I have become really close with Andy oppa and the filming staff. Of course, we will be able to meet in other programs but thinking about how this will be the last hurts my heart. It was really hard making the decision to leave but we made the difficult decision for the better of our activities. I know that the fans are sad. But both of us will find everyone again with an improved look.” (not sure before or after the PD interview?)

I really dislike the PDs for being so fickle minded and absolving themselves of any blame. So it’s now down to Andy and Solbi? Whatever they do, it’s their own business? If they continue, great. If not, we have replacements.

credit: stargirl777@soompi


5 Responses to “We Got Married PD, “It’s the Couples Decision to Stay or Leave””

  1. balabababa1003325 Says:

    no i refuse! NOOO that would make me so sad if the ant couple or lettuce couple chose to leave =(.

  2. hmmm…it’s up to them to decide the right decision…

  3. I dont want them to leave i dont want new couples

  4. hiiiiiiiiiiiii i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu we got marrier ^^

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