Dennis is on the new movie “sms from GOD”

Dennis O’neil jumps on the ‘SMS from God’ bandwagon with Diaperdog Pictures as creative co-producer.
Dennis, who studied Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design will lend his creative side to this independent production with both visual concepts and the adaptation of the screenplay.
“ We are so looking forward to working w/ Dennis… we can’t wait to see where this project will go with his creative input and his refreshing insights. His sense of humor and genuine down-to-earthiness is going to make it so much fun to work with him.” – SY Smensgård.Dennis is also attached to take the lead in this romantic-comedy.The original Swedish screenplay is being adapted for a Korean/American production.Angela Mi Young Hur, author of ‘The Queens of K-Town’ adapts the Swedish screenplay ‘SMS from GOD’ for a K/A production. Quoted as ‘a strident, inventive new voice’ by the San Francisco Chronicle, Hur displays her lighter comedic side for this refreshing romantic-comedy. Jonas Smensgård, the original Swedish screenplay writer quotes: ‘I love what Angela has done with the script! Not only does she successfully adapt it to fit the K/A culture with style and grace, she has also brought new life and energy to the project while adding depth to both the characters and the storyline. She has brought a creative burst of energy to the project! I’m very honored to have her adapt my work and very happy to have her onboard.’

>>So glad that Dennis Oh, another favorite Korean actor of mine will finally be given a movie project… now i’m looking forward on his upcomming drama: East of Eden & this movie… ^^


9 Responses to “Dennis is on the new movie “sms from GOD””

  1. aarianaa Says:

    i hope i want to know about more..

  2. atie_kawaii Says:

    more…. plz??

  3. yah! more plz

  4. Aline anessa Says:

    i love you dennis O’neil…

  5. I love your action……………

  6. O Par !naw mu cho war yo!

  7. emmmm...... Says:

    u soo cote

  8. I love to watch Dennis handsome face….
    more please!!!!

  9. i love you!

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