Kim Dong Wan – Vol. 2 The Secret; between Us

Yay!!! Wannie’s 2nd album is finally out…. sooo excited!! I’m downloading it now and then i’ll listen to it… heehee so happy!! SNSD, my favorite girl group has also released a new single entitled: Haptic Motion.. i’ll download it too after Wannie’s album… hope the song’s good.
Here’s some info about Wannie’s album together with the tracklist… ^^

No need to take out your handkerchief because Kim Dong Wan isn’t about to sign off yet. With time ticking down before his mandatory military service, Kim dishes out his sophomore solo act The Secret, doubling the pleasure for all his fans who have recently celebrated Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary. Keeping in tune with the recent electronica trend, The Secret’s titular track Bi mil (“Secret” – Track 2) rolls out some heavy edgy sounds along with a sexy narration by Tiffany of Girls’ Generation. Shinhwa leader Eric shows full support through his own musical contribution in Honey (Track 4) and gospel group Heritage bares their soul in Whe geur ae (Track 3), a cover of Kim Hyun Chul’s 1995 smash. Another song to watch out for is You Don’t Know Me, a duet with Jade Valerie of Sweetbox which is quickly gaining popularity in the music charts. Other noteworthy participants include Handkerchief’s composer Yoon Myung Seon who lathers on his silky smooth touches in Psy kiss (Track 7) and Kim Jae Seok of Wanted who demonstrates his composing skills in Ddeo na do dweh (Track 8).


01 Namjayeh Sarang (Man’s Love)
02 Pimil (Narration by Tiffany of So Nyeo Shi Dae) (Secret)
03 Wae Kurae (feat. Heritage) (Why Is It Like This)
04 Honey (feat. Eric)
05 Saranghaneun Sarama (To The Person I Love)
06 Baramyeh Norae (Song of the Wind)
07 Psy Kiss
08 Ddeonado Dwae (Leaving is Fine)
09 Agnyeotalchul (Bad Girl Runs Away)
10 Choheul Saram (Good Person)
11 Icheoyagetda (Should Forget)
12 You Don’t Know Me (duet with Jade Valerie of Sweetbox)
13 Pimil (instrumental)
14 Wae Kurae (instrumental)


One Response to “Kim Dong Wan – Vol. 2 The Secret; between Us”

  1. I can’t believe his second album is already out! It feels like he only released his first one a few months ago. I’m going to be sad when Dongwan gets enrolled. Two years is a long time. =(

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