BRIAN’s MySpace Post – 04.20.08

Release date change and new IDEA^^~!!

Hey ya’ll,

Sorry to to inform you that the release date for our “RECOLLECTION” album has been pushed to the 25th instead of the 23rd… I hope no one is upset because it’ll only be 2 days longer then expected…

Also, I am going to start a video folder that answers questions from all you fans… This way, you guys’ll know that this is really MY “MYSPACE/FACEBOOK” and ya’ll get to see more of a personal side of me where you all and I can connect… and of course, you’ll know that this is not some fake homepage…

So, what I’ll need you all to do is e-mail me questions that you REALLY are curious about, and I’ll choose 5 questions and answer them on video once a month. I will state your name and say your question before I give my answer…

Please, don’t get offended or mad that I didn’t answer a certain question. I might not come around to answer it quickly, but eventually I will answer as many as possible until you guys are sick and tired of seeing me…HAHA…

Anyways, this is gonna be something new and personal for me so let’s see how it ends up and if everyone likes my new idea, I’ll keep on doing it. If not, well, let’s just say it won’t be the end of the world… God Bless ya’ll and let’s keep things mature and serious… Nothing profound or rude… Thanks^^

Brian Joo

-Brian’s idea is brilliant!!~ Can’t wait to see his video answering questions from fans… I’m thinking of a question to ask him and send it to him… Brian’s really touching my heart because of his sincerity to US, his fans… ^^

2 Responses to “BRIAN’s MySpace Post – 04.20.08”

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun!
    I will be following along.
    ~Cheryl Frei
    Addiction Recovery Life Coach

  2. JustSoFancyforFTTS Says:

    He’s really considerate. So adorable.
    Ok, let’s keep asking him questions. Haha…

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