Brian’s MySpace Posts – 04.17.08

Our TRIPS to Hawaii, Thailand, China^^ (04.17.08)

Hey you guys,

I know it’s kinda outdated to be talking about our trips to the countries I Stated above(BTW Hawaii is a State, my bad), but just wanted to let you all know that we had a friggin’ awesome time while we were out of Korea… although I HATE FLYING… Bet you guys didn’t know that? HAHAHA… I have a fear of being in the AIR… I guess too many movies…

Anywho, just wanted to tell you guys if you ever get a chance, you should visit the places that we’ve been too…


~didn’t know Brian hates flying… hehe!~ Brian oppa, hwaiting!!

Fly to the Sly’s “RECOLLECTION” album and more~

Hey my MYSPACE family,

Just wanted to let you all know that we will be releasing our newest album (which is a remake of hits from the past, excluding any Fly to the Sky past songs) on April 23, 2008. I really hope you all enjoy listening to the songs that Hwany and I grew up on… I gotta say that I was pretty nervous about this project because I did not want to mess up great hits from the past and make the original artists mad that we messed up their music…

We both have one solo track each on the album and making the album a 10-track LP. I really hope that this CD becomes a hit so that we can continue to make more music for you all to listen too.

Also, as you all know, we will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl on May 17th. We will also be in Japan in June and July… also, we should be having a Fly to the Sky concert in LA in July as well and another place in the States…I’m not sure if it’s gonna be in San Francisco or New York City. Once I find out, I will post it up here or on my FACEBOOK…

Anywho, I hope you guys are enjoying the awesome weather in where ever you are… The weather in Korea has been great for the past few days… God Bless you all and will be keeping you all posted…


P.S. Please make this album a HIT^^

~Can’t wait for FTTS remake album to be released and for me to be able to listen to all 10tracks… so far i’ve listened to 3tracks and they were great. ^^ I’m also looking forward to their HB performance and his hosting too… and wow… FTTS has a lot of upcomming concerts… HWAITING!! ^^


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  1. What IS his myspace? I can’t find it. :[

  2. Here’s his myspace link:

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