Fly to the Sky – Recollection

They’ll finally release their much awaited Recollection album…. hehe soooo…. excited… ^^ Now i’m adding it to the list of Albums i’m anticipating… Yesterday someone uploaded 3 songs from this album and i excitedly downloaded them… It’s worth the wait coz BRIAN and HWANY’s voice are great… while listening to the 3 tracks i’ve downloaded I can feel goosebumps all over my body… their voice is really great together especially Brian’s (Hahaha! Well, that’s my opinion…) Can’t wait to hear the entire album. ^^ Also… I love the album cover, it fits the theme and the songs as well…


One Response to “Fly to the Sky – Recollection”

  1. i ‘ve heaR it tOO..


    make me fLy to heaR that song..


    i loVE n grAzy witH brian…

    bUt 4 voiCe i dOn’t wHy i’m prefer faNy….

    FTTS figthing!!!!

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