SHINHWA “We want to become the Asian longevity group”



SHINHWA debuted in year 1998 March 24th, until now, they are the longevity group in Korea.

Towards this, SHINHWA said “Being able to survive til now, besides because SHINHWA is like a family, also because of our belove shinhwachangjo, all the fans and company staff” “We want to become the Asian longevity group besides than as the local longevity group.”

In this concert because some of the members will be enlisting, this will be their last concert, towards this Minwoo said “This concert is about SHINHWA 10th annivesary concert, so it feels so fresh and at the same time very touching.”

The other members expresses their feelings towards their 10th year of debut. Andy said “This contains a very deep meaningful between the members, a very grateful matter indeed. In the future we will carry on together as the 20th, 30th SHINHWA.” Eric said “It’s not easy to unite for 10 years, we will be together no matter how in the future.” KimDongWan said “Because of our sincerity towards each other in the group, and being able to accept all the criticism from each other, it’s a happiness.”

JunJin said “10 years really fly pass. We will work harder in the coming 30 years.” ShinHyeSung said “Walking together with the name SHINHWA along, i felt proud and satisfied. To let SHINHWA carry on, i will protect the name “SHINHWA” with me.”
Cn Trans:jojoyu7@shinhwachina
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa,

>>> Himnaesayo SHINHWA, hwaiting!!! ^^ I’ll be looking forward to Junjin’s solo album as well as Dongwan’s 2nd album and Sungie’s 3rd album, hehe!


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