Shinhwa 9th Jib: Shinhwa

1 Last Train Home (music by Vink)
2 Voyage (music & lyrics by Vink)
3 다시 한 번만 / Dashi Hanbeonman / Just One More Time (music by Kim Jae Suk; lyrics by Choi Shin Won)
4 Free Style#1 (music & lyrics by Eric)
5 Run (music by Lee Minwoo; lyrics by Eric)
6 2 Ma Luv… (music by Jang Joon Ho; lyrics by Jang Joon Ho & Park Jang Geun)
7 We Can Get It On (music by Eric; lyrics by Eric & David Kim
8 So In Love (music by Kwon Tae Eun; lyrics by Lee Minwoo)
9 기억나니? / Ki-ok Nani? / Do You Remember? (talk)
10 아직 못다한 이야기 / Ajik Motdahan Iyagi (The Stories We Haven’t Told) (music & lyrics by Lee Sang In)
>>> Right now all i can say is that….. SHINHWA’s THE BEST and I LOVE THEM!! For now i don’t want to do a review on their 9th Jib, i’ll listen to the album songs more…. hehe! So far i have listened to it for almost 30-35 times already and i still want to listen again and again. ^^

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