Popularity male group SHINHWA their 10th year anniversary special album Sold Out.


SHINHWA will be releasing their 9th album Special Limited Edition on April 3rd, the Limited 50000 were sold out within 1 week.

SHINHWA management company GOODemg express “9th jib Special Limited Edition had already out out, we already had receive many request on printing more.” “Because in the album comes with a free photobook, thus it’s even special.”

In this concert because is SHINHWA’s last concert before their enlistment, they had receive attentions from the fans of Japan, China, Hongkong and other Asian country to come forward to watch the performance.

SHINHWA official 9th album title song “RUN” is being compose by Eric & LeeMinWoo on the lyrics and music, thus it’s even meaningful. The Album (normal edition) will release on April 10th.

Cn Trans:
Eng Trans:
amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa.biz

>>> So glad that i’m part of Shinhwachangjo so i had the priviledge to pre-order the limited special edition album, heehee ^^ So happy for SHINHWA that their 50,000 copies of limited edition was sold out in just one week….that didn’t surprise me since they really have a lot of fans all over Asia. ^^,


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