[08.03.30][Interview] SHINHWA, “In the coming 20/30 years we will stil be together”

6 member male group SHINHWA debuted for 10 years and during the press conference before the concert they had expresses their thoughts towards 10. Eric, KimDongWan, LeeMinWoo, ShinHyeSung, JunJin, Andy formed as a group “SHINHWA” where they are the only group in the local which has not even changed a single member at all. Recently they are undergoing their anniversary activities and on 29th 6pm evening within 2 hours they hold their first day concert for “SHINHWA Must Go On 10th Anniversary live” in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

On the 30th 3:40pm before the concert which will start at 5pm, they hold a simple press conference. Below is the Q&A conversation.

Your thoughts towards 10th Anniversary Concert?

LeeMinWoo: First of all thank you for your care and attention. The number ’10’ had given us a large scale of strength, and it feels good.

Andy:It has been 10 years so long, feeling very happy. I would like to thanks to the members and fans, in the coming 20 years, 30 years SHINHWA will still be together.

ERIC: The related staff were going up and down, roundabout for so many times. Thanks to you all, if there is no any main problems occur we will be still together.

KimDongWan: If there’s not sincerity and open criticism within the members i think we wont make it together for 10 years so long. In the future we must still carry on, becoming the Asian most longevity group, to own a higher popularity.

JUNJIN: 10 years really fly real fast. Members and everybody’s help have come to a stop. In the future we will work harder in coming activities.

ShinHyeSung: “Being able to be together as SHINHWA in these 10 years, i feel happy and at the same time being proud.”

The motivation to be together for 10 years?

ERIC: Before we debut we already had live a 6 years life in the hostel together. At that moment we were together in every 24 hours, it’s even longer than the time we spend with our own family. The members one by one slowly understands each other. And now the member’s spirit and friendship are seriously like a family-like, because of this we had been together for 10 years.

ShinHyeSung: SHINHWA came back to hold a concert in Korea after 3 years, the title is about our 10th anniversary, we will present the 10 years memorial of SHINHWA to the fans. SHINHWA members of course would want to make the whole 10th annivesary concert like a Party together with the fans.

KimDongWan: SHINHWA member had been working on activities for 10 years and now we really want to carry on working as a singer. Because of this feeling the heart of caution and prudence, personally feel that this should be the highest peak of stage.

Please introduce your title track of your official 9th album which will be release on April 10th.

LeeMinWoo: Because it’s a 10th years annivesary, so it will be 10 songs. All the songs are sending out message of SHINHWA.

JUNJIN: The 9th album 50000copy of Special Edition which will be release on April 3rd had already sold out, it feels great.

Andy: The 9th album title song “RUN” is being compose and written my MinWoo Hyung and Eric Hyung. Please do listen to it often, thank you.

Summed up the characteristics of SHINHWA’s music
ShinHyeSung: At the current i think that the fans are more passionate towards the stage Pop Dance than our music and songs. But our musics are still always specially pick and prepared, we work hard to gather the music which songs the energetic life of SHINHWA. In this period we will show more on our manly beauty and charm in music, in the future too we will work hard on choosing the best music for everybody.

Solo activities planning after SHINHWA 10th anniversary concert?

ShinHyeSung: I think i will be start preparing on my Solo 3rd album recording.

JUNJIN: New album preparation had come to an end. On April 26th in Japan i will hold my very first solo concert. I’ve dumped lots of my time on doing the planning on this concert preparation. And i have not been active as an actor for quite some time, if this year there’s a good script then i will be acting.

KimDongWan: I will be presenting my solo image on stage.

ERIC: I will be appearing in KBS 2TV historical martial art drama which will be broadcast in Mid June 2008.

Andy: On April there will be a concert tour in China, Japan and other countries, meeting up with the fans and also will be presenting my best skill in my acting field.

LeeMinWoo: M LeeMinWoo’s come back planning, i will be holding a solo concert in China on Mid May 2008. Recently i’m deeply in craze with my music.

Source:STARNEWS & Oceans
Cn Trans:染@bestshinhwa
Eng Trans: amane86@myshinhwa, shinhwa.biz

3 Responses to “[08.03.30][Interview] SHINHWA, “In the coming 20/30 years we will stil be together””

  1. thanks so much for the news
    M will have a concert in China …wow …Chinese fans so lucky
    the song “Run” so kool >.< , I watched the making MV more ten times

    bu the way , I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of Shinhwa pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

  2. I miss SHINHWA!!!! TT.TT

  3. hi this my firet time sind you am big fan of shinhwa spical shin hyesung i realy love him I whishe him all happy and is almost 8years Ilove him if any body can tell me how can tell him an prevet phone or r-mill pleas some one helpe me and Ireally miss thim to be togther now is will much fun shinwha good luck

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