What does Lee Jun Ki like to do after drinking wine?


Lee Jun Ki has appeared in the show “Showbiz information” broadcasted on KBS2 channel in the evening of March 29. The reporter appeared on the scene where Lee Jun Ki was taking photos for a new collection and interviewing him.

When reporter asked Lee Jun Ki whether or not he has the patient waiting for others, Lee Jun Ki answered “About waiting for a person, truthfully I don’t have much patient. If I have to wait for a long time, I will get angry with the person who comes late.”

Then reporter asked about his habit after drink wine, Lee Jun Ki said “After having a wine, I like to sing or hug people.”

When the show “Showbiz information” broadcasted, many fans of Lee Jun Ki have left messages on this show’s website as follow “If I met Lee Jun Ki while he was drinking, I would definitely stand by his side until he finished.”

Recently, Lee Jun Ki is in Hong Kong to participate in “Pepsi Joining Stars” which is the musical concert organized by Pepsi on April 1.

Some pictures of Lee Jun Ki when he came to Hong Kong on March 29

When he appeared at the airport, many fans suddenly approach close to him that made his shoe off his foot. He didn’t feel embarrassed and looked back to find his shoe to put it on.

On March 30, all Hong Kong press informed “Lee Jun Ki lost his shoe at the airport.” Therefore, we can see how much Hong Kong press adores Lee Jun Ki.

 Credits: KST-Cichild

>>> I find this news cutee…. If Junki is drinking i’ll hurriedly run to him and stay by his side, hahaha!! And about his shoes at the airport… I’d surely laugh if i was there but of course i’ll find Junki cute, LOL! ^^


2 Responses to “What does Lee Jun Ki like to do after drinking wine?”

  1. lady_okuni Says:

    brilliant news..wOwOwee!!!
    ***I wish I”ll always pop out at jun ki’s side whenever he’s drinking***
    >>bottom’s up!!!<< to make it faster,,juz really wanna feel his arms around me!!! hek!hek! ^kilig!^
    about the shoes,,,actually It’s not new to me….It always happen to me too…wehew!!!hihi!!!!_especially when I’m in a hurry and fell off trippin’….can’t avoid that!


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