Lee Jun Ki will come to HongKong to film McDonalds’s advertisement


oung actor Lee Jun Ki arrived to HongKong secretly on March 29 to do a new CF for the famous fast food brand Mc Donald’s with famous female singer Joey Yung.

Moreover, this is his second advertising contract in HongKong. Last month, Lee Jun Ki was invited to be the newest advertising model with Huang Xiao Ming, Alan Luo, Louis Koo, and Jolin Tsai.

Lee Jun Ki is the first foreign star who is invited to be the advertising model in HongKong by Mc Donald’s. Up to now, Mc Donald’s has only used native stars to advertise for its brand in HongKong. Lee Jun Ki is the exceptional circumstance. From this even, we can see how famous of Lee Jun Ki in HongKong is.

In addition, Lee Jun Ki will organize a Fan meeting in Seoul exactly on his birthday, April 17. Many overseas fans, specially Chinese speaking countries and areas, will be attended in that party.

Source: http://krfilm.net/f/t-15943-1-1-lee-jun-ki…ay-qc-mcdonalds
Etrans: pooh9x@KST_CICHLID

»  I suddenly want to go to HK just to see Junki’s pics on different McDonalds branches there. ^^


39 Responses to “Lee Jun Ki will come to HongKong to film McDonalds’s advertisement”

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  3. Hi.I love lee jun ki very much.I have …Question about him.

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  8. hola q tal a todos ………….. q lindo es LEJUN KI no chivas

  9. kalpana rai Says:

    lee jun ki is my dream boy ad i would like to see him in dream every night.he is very cute as usual as so cool

  10. angelica Says:

    olas… no es un angel caido de los cielos,,,,,,,,,,,,,, es tan lindo lee jenki………. es un amorrr.. levante la mano aquel q diga q no

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  39. Irishprincess Says:

    I have a silly question, but whose website is this? Is this just a like a forum for famous K stars? Its kinda cool. 🙂

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