Lee Jun Ki vs Eric: Who will be the Ancient King summer 2008?


After a long period of time, MBC seems to be dominating the ancient genre with several huge dramas, such as Joo Mong, Legend, and Lee San. Summer 2008, viewers will be watching the competition between drama Iljimae (SBS) and Choi Kang Chil Woo (KBS2).

Let’s take a look at Iljimae of SBS first. This drama will be aired in May, after the completion of On Air. Because it’s the second ancient drama that Lee Jun Ki will perform, he doesn’t have much pressure on him.

Lee Jun Ki said that first thing that attracted him from this drama was the special image of main character who hides all his face but only his eyes. Moreover, Jun Ki felt that the drama is very meaningful because throughout the protest against feudal regime and class discrimination, the drama satirizes modern society’s bad side. Thus, he respects the drama and will try his best.

Lee Jun Ki’s determination and hard-work ethics are admired by many people at the filming site. Many dangerous scenes such as dropped into the water by the enemy or flying back and forth, he did them all by himself without the help of a stunt man.

Next, drama Choi Kang Chil Woo will be aired starting from June 9. This is the first ancient drama of Eric. It is said that appearing as an ancient character puts a great deal of pressure on Eric. However, Eric is fascinated by the character he plays as a normal citizen during daytime but a skilful assassin when the night comes. After thinking thoroughly, Eric decided to take place in this drama before carrying out his military duty.

The first half of 2008, Korean small screen is dominated by ancient drama Lee San of MBC. Therefore, the appearance of Iljimae and Choi Kang Chil Woo bring more opportunities for SBS and KBS to prosper in ancient genre this summer.

Currently, drama On Air has quite high ratings. As a drama aired right after that, Iljimae will benefit a lot. Although Iljimae will be showing against Spotlight (MBC) with two stars Ji Jin Hee and Son Ye Jin, it’s believed that Iljimae has more advantage because of Lee Jun Ki’s appearance and its interesting plot.

About Choi Kang Chil Woo, it is the hope of KBS in mini-series drama to raise the ratings of shows aired on Monday and Tuesday nights. Thus, KBS will invest greatly in Choi Kang Chil Woo in order to create a good drama and take back its lost position in mini-series drama on Mon-Tue.

The news of two handsome and popular actors in two different ancient dramas rise curiosity in viewers and make them want to see how the two actors will perform.

Credits: KST-Cichild

>>>Looks like there will be a tight battle of ratings for Junki & Eric’s historical drama… I’m anticipating both… can’t believe i’m so much into historical dramas lately because of the actors in it… hahaha it all started with Kang Ji Hwan’s Hong Gil Dong then Bae Yong Jun’s Legend, both are great and amazing historical dramas but i don’t like their ending.

>>> It also seems that i won’t be able to start downloading old dramas i’m planning to because of the upcoming dramas (Saraghae, Iljimae, Choi Kang Chil Woo, Spotlight, 1 Mom 3 Dads). ^^


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  1. I miss Eric-oppa!!! T.T

  2. drama method review

    Lee Jun Ki vs Eric: Who will be the Ancient King summer 2008? | KoaLa41

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