Kim Ji Suk “gets married” with Han Ji Hye, rating reaches 40%


Daily drama “I Hate You But It’s Fine” of KBS1 has developed to its climax. Main actor Kim Ki Suk and actress Han Ji Hye held a wedding but they still had a problem because Han Ji Hye’s mother has not agreed. However, the wedding has made rating of this drama increased to 40.9% on more time while ratings of the previous episode broadcasted one day before decreased to 35.2%.

On the episode broadcasted on March 27, main characters worn wedding-suit. Han Ji Hye felt wretched because her mother didn’t accept this wedding. She said to Kim Ki Suk “If my mother doesn’t come, we will absolutely not get married.”

Looking back all the achievement board of “I Hate You But It’s Fine”, the highest rating was 42.9% on February 11. Since then, ratings only reached 39%. However, this drama has been 14 weeks on the top list of drama’s ratings. This drama will definitely keep its first place in this week.

Credit: KST-Cichild

>>I was sooo… looking forward to this episode and finally… the moment i’ve been waiting for…
The episode was so cute and a bit dramatic because of Danpoong’s mom. I immediately downloaded the episode right after reading dramaok’s detailed episode guide. DanBaek are sooo… cute together… can’t wait to watch this on KBSworld.^^


5 Responses to “Kim Ji Suk “gets married” with Han Ji Hye, rating reaches 40%”

  1. I found this page called, they have a big collection of Han Ji Hye pictures and videos. Check it out yourself . Have fun ^^

  2. DONNO_DONNA Says:

    wat episode is this???

  3. i like drama korea i hate you but it’s fine….

  4. This is a very good drama!! You can buy this drama at kbs

  5. this is a very very good drama in this country 🙂
    KIM JI SUK & HAN JI-HYE i love u.

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