Jang Geun Suk denied the rumor that he had a cosmetic surgery


Jang Geun Suk in movie “Doremifasol” 3 years ago and in movie “Happy Life”

Movie “Doremifasol” in which Jang Geun Suk played as a leading role 3 years ago has just been released in Korea. Audience saw that Jang Geun Suk’s face in this movie really different from his current face. Therefore, it has a rumor that Jang Geun Suk had a cosmetic surgery.

In the show “Show Young” of OBS channel which has been filmed, Jang Geun Suk has officially denied that rumor. He said “I played in “Doremifasol” for 3 years ago. Therefore, the face in that movie is different with the current face that is a normal thing. I have never had a cosmetic surgery”.

Besides, Jang Geun Suk also showed his standpoint about the rumor that he will change his job to a singer “I really like to sing in films. However, I haven’t had intention to change my job to be a singer. I only have one goal that is to be an excellent actor.”

Show “Show Young” with the appearance of Jang Geun Suk will be broadcasted on OBS Channel on March 29.

Source: http://krfilm.net/f/t-15893-1-1-jang-geun-…tung-chinh-hinh
Etrans: Jess@KST_Cichlid


224 Responses to “Jang Geun Suk denied the rumor that he had a cosmetic surgery”

  1. oh… i don’t believe that u undergone a cosmetic surgery… it’s really obvious that ur face,.. ur beauty is natural…

    who else has a face like yours? none!!!

    ur really handsome, and i believe that the rumor is not true… =)

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  3. hi janG geUn sUk..

    I’m SM.. froM Philippines,,,

    just wanna say…

    you’re my herO!!!

    I can’t accept when you died in Hwag Jin Yi..\

    everytime I remembered thaT you died.. I cRy…

    you’re so sweet and you’re verY chaRismaTic…

    hope you reaD it..

    and please add Me if you waNT..

    friendster- sm160329@yahoo.com
    y.m. – SM_160329

    thank you so much… mY herO!!!!!!

  4. for me the rumor is true!!!

    he had a cosmetic surgery……..

    Jang Geun Suk’s face in this movie really different from his current face.

  5. irapehellokitty Says:

    He probably just lost some baby-fat :’o

  6. hay…everybody! im not believe the rumor about him, his so handsome and cute and that’s natural… and its really obvious!

  7. i like you in hong il dong.

  8. I still like him.


  9. he so hot…i like hin the way he act…he has no surgeries

  10. i don’t care what they say to you,,,,because I’m a big fan of yours…… hope that you’ll going to visit here in Phillipines….. saranghae!!!!!your my life for life…….

  11. amiigaaaasss!

    i’m tellin you. 🙂 geun suk’s face was natural. and he’s right.
    he becomes more handsome as time passed by. haha. 😀

    i’m still hoping that he’ll visit our country. since 2006 from now on.
    JANG GEUN SUK, oh, when is your plan to come here in the PHILIPPINES?

    i love him very intensely. haha. he’s my number one obsession. aww.

    i just hope that if the day come that i would like to have a boyfriend, it’s definitely a korean or japanese boy. x]

    “that’s what you called “DREAMS””. haha. :))

    I LOVE YOU JANG GEUN SUK! yesterday. today. tomorrow. FOREVER! ♥

  12. Hi shinian!!

    i’m quite sure you’re also a Filipino like myself, right? ^^
    I also love Jang Geun Suk but not as much as you do, keke!

  13. i dont care if he undergone cosmetic surgery (it’s his face) as long as his acting is lovely and he feels ok about it. but i recently saw a picture of him smoking. does he smoke? cuz that will be really really bad.

  14. i dont care what ppl say, all i care is that you are the coolest guy on earth..i loveee you and ur acting. btw your hair in baby and me is the coolest.. it really suits you..

  15. which star dont undergo plastic nowadays? why are they making a big deal out of it. -.-

  16. JGS, his smile just makes me happy !

  17. I like your face because your face is very cute and hamsome.

  18. Hello! jang geun seok . I like your movie ” Going Carzy Waiting”.
    That movie you are very hamsome.I like your solider style.I am singer
    of myanmar. I look your artisits news online every.I want to know your
    Yahoo messsage and gmail account. My gmail account is singermyogyi@

  19. chonyn Chan Geun Seok iranyn enghwa peyryl cinchcha choahamnida

  20. Dear CHANG GEUN SEOK!if you see this message i really want to say you that you best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. adick_almond Says:

    what???o’come on…i’m sure that is the real face…he don’t need the cosmetic surgery…obviously, he’s face is the same when he is young until now…i think some people think that coz he’s not chubby now like before when he is in nonstop4 he looks chubby jejeje but ofcorz for a change he need to improve his character in T.V. (physically)…anyway, all i can say the truth is JGS is really handsome and cute so…whatever issues and rumors about him…i will not change and ofcorz he’s still the best actor,singer,dancer,etc….Keep up the good WORK! JGS,ignore that issue you know what is truth and God will blessed u everZ!Just pray always ok?Ciao!!!

  22. the rumor is not true……….if you see him in hong gildong and bethoveen virus he’s still the same and it’s right he’s only 18 or 19 when he do doremifasolasido movie….jang geun suk is really HANDSOME and a very talented actor in such a young age and He can SING too…..

  23. selina Says:

    I ever read in the other site that JGS was having a a cosmetic surgery for his nose and eyes…
    I don’t know I must believe it or not…
    Because in Korea, cosmetic surgery is very common…
    I’m really shocked because I’m one of his biggest fans….T.T
    I don’t know what’s the truth, but I still hope that he doesn’t do that kind of surgery..
    He still looks perfect in my eyes, even without make up..(of course he doesn’t need plastic surgery coz his face is so adorable and lovely…)

  24. sharare Says:

    hi.jang geon seok is very good.i nationality is afghani but i love jang geon seok very much.with the best wishes for he.

  25. Well he is an excellent actor already.. His acting in BV and Doremi and als Baby&Me… gosh. I adore him so much.. and his handsomeness makes me fall in love… haha

  26. yangmee Says:

    Whether the rumors are true or not about him having undergone plastic surgery, the older Jang Geun Suk has gotten, the more handsome he has become.

  27. i very like doremifasol

  28. droppin'by Says:

    maybe he had enhancements but obviously none of major surgeries (based from the two pictures.. LOL.) it’s see-through.
    besides, all actors/actresses undergo enhancements for marketability..o.O

    i don’t know him but he’s cute. does he have a girlfriend?
    hahaha! dumb question..^.^

  29. “JangGeunSuk!, i looove you!”

    and plus, i truly believe that he(janggeunsuk) have not gone to cosmetic surgery.
    gosh dude, why is people sooo jealous of him?
    ofcourse i know he have a handsome beautiful face..
    btw, people’s face grow…, you know.. it doesnt stay the same..!, FYI!

  30. Huhu.. For me it’s not an issue. Plastic surgery is very very common these days and of course it still didn’t affect JGS’ talent. As long as he looks catchy to my eyes, it’s still okay. Who want to resist a cute guy like him..?? Hehe..

  31. dk-is-azn Says:

    lol… he looks freaking the same 🙂

  32. JGS lived in my viliage and I had seen him for a long time
    and he was even more handsome than now….-_-;;;
    how can did he surgery?
    he never did surgery-_- I’m really sure about it
    moreover he looks even better in real life!!!!!!!!!!!
    sometimes I really hate TV why don’t the freak TV express JGS’s beauty!!? all my friends think this too….
    JGS is fuckin handsome and hot!!!
    he is one of the hottest boys in Bang San high school!!!!!!!!

  33. *sigh* when ppl’s getting older, they probably lose baby-fat. Remember that he’s still young, and his face can be more mature in the future! Jang Geun Seok just lost some weight.
    I don’t think he did a surgery ^^

    Jang Geun Seok-sshi, HWAITING~! (O_<)o

  34. you guys do know that he lost 7kg or about 13 pounds for his role in you’re beautiful right? that can alter his face a LOT and bring out his facial structures a LOT MORE…

  35. hi i love u when u smile so pretty may be u like smile the same me u know i like u i need u i miss u when i sleep

  36. He’s a very talented guy, and his good looks are definetly natural, but you can’t deny that he’s had some surgery done.

    Most of the differences in his face are just due to aging, but that doesn’t explain the change in his nose. If you look at his face from the side, the bridge of his nose is raised much higher than it was at the beginning of his career. It’s almost a straight line from his forehead to the tip of his nose.

    It’s a very good, successful surgery, and looks very natural. But definetly cosmetic surgery. I don’t have any problem with celebrities getting surgery to look better. Whatever makes them happy. I lost a little respect for him when I found out he denied getting it though…He should have been honest an unashamed.

  37. sunflowerz Says:

    this is insane. makeup artist can transform your natural beauty into a completely different look! so what if he did, he is gorgeous !

  38. people!!
    A LOT OF WEIGHT. THAT’S WHY HE LOOKS SOO SKINNY!!he looks the sameeeee.
    even his old movies when he was younger, he looked the same

  39. hello jang geun seok.!
    dont believe it..its just a rumor..:)
    go JGS.!
    love ur drama.hwang jini.especially youre beautiful..^^

  40. wah!!! he just looked too young in doramifa. I believe that his face is 100% natural. but I don’t really care that did he undergone plastic or not. He is very talented rising star, can act very well, can sing very nice and can even dance. Geun Suk!! fighting!!

  41. hi, everybody. I’m from Vietnam.i’m a very big fan of Jang geun suk.All childhood’s pictures of his prove that he is really handsome.I’m strong sure that he has never had a cosmetic surgey.Jang Geun suk is a real talent actor.He has the best looking in the world.love sukkie forever

  42. .. jang geun suk.. u’re cute really..

    love that bad boy image.. ü

  43. he is soo cute! i love him.
    it was sad that he didnt get the girl in hong gil dong 😦
    it made me sad too, he looked so cute in hong gil dong
    i wanna watch you’re beautiful

  44. kokocrunch Says:

    why are thre people so jealous with other people?i don’t understand with this kind of people!obviously,he had a natural handsome face..omo…please stop make up a bad story about oppa!saraghae oppa~

  45. he’s just too h0t! He’s has an inb0rn gorgeousness!

  46. forcefully korean Says:

    jang guen suk oppa
    i guess i am to late to comment but so wat
    i just want to say you that even if you did surgery it does not matter
    u were handsome and so r u now
    dont worry so much
    and suppose if u did plastic surgery then i must tell u some thing
    u were even more handsome before
    i had my first sight love wid u when i saw doreme…..

  47. ooh~my, why people so busy body, ok, even he(JGS) did the plastic surgery, then, what wrong with u people, is it against the law? i don’t think so~, so pls focus on his acting, he really is a good actor.go~go~go JGS

  48. DUDE! man!!! i think that hes adorable i don’t know i think that he is just o cute in his movies you know manGGG!

  49. i don’t care if you did plastic surgery or not you are still the number one!! for meHH.. forever im not too obsessed with you right??
    anywaySS im in love w/you lotSS hahahah;XD but it doesnt mateerrr im still with you >??

  50. Fenny Luna Says:

    nose job maybe, but that’s cool. you’re still perfect whether u did it or not. gud luck

  51. geun-suk handsome???not really.he’s jz cute.i hope dat he’s really cute in real life 🙂

  52. hi……

  53. i also love jang geun suk……..so please great him a nice person !!!!!so dont say anything to him about plastic surgery ! ! ! ! !

  54. Syafiqah Sahlan Says:

    its true that his face is completely diffrent,
    and it is because..
    his weight lose like 7 kg just because he so happy for getting the role

  55. Syafiqah Sahlan Says:


  56. hannah.ruth^_^ Says:

    I don’t care if he have undergone a plastic surgery or not…I still love him exetremely!I’m a big fan of him!Love him always…He’s really cute espscially when he smile…What a natural handsome face!Anyway,I still like him as much as before no matter how negative rumors there is about him…He’s still my number 1 IDOL!A very bright STAR in my night sky!^_^

  57. Geun Suk oppa,keep up the good work…I’ll always watch your projects…Love you always!^_^

  58. You’re so adorable!I wish that someday i could meet you personally…^_^

  59. His nose in You’re beautiful looks weird and unnatural. I can see that he has gone though some nose sugery, about the nose bridge.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’m still being his fan though!

  60. ur a handsome guy……ppl may say dt he hs dne a surgery…bt i dnt believe…wt evr they say i stll luv u…….hehe…….

  61. BaD Dreams Says:

    i jusssss wannaaa i lup uuuuuuuuuuuu onlyyy u i think m crazyyyyy tooo much

  62. BaD Dreams Says:

    i jusssss wannaaa sayyyy i lup uuuuuuuuuuuu onlyyy u i think m crazyyyyy tooo much

  63. honestly I didn’t know he was the guy from do re mi cause his face is totally different k not only that but his nose you can so tell there has been work on that spot. It looks more Idk like he wanted it to be narrower at the top.

  64. whatever kind of rumors came,,,,
    still jang geun suk is the best-est for me!!!!

  65. the reason why i like JGS is because he is so talented. he can sing,dance and even play instrument, he is a good actor too…. so i dont care if he had a surgery. go! go! go1 excel more. God bless ur career..

  66. vee cutey Says:

    i know jgs when i watch baby n me movie.then my fwen recommend me to watch you’re beautiful than i realize he has his own talent.

  67. i dont believe that its true kung totoo yun den totoo ano mggwa ntin its already done

    >>ng geun suk<<

  68. i’m also a fan of jang geun suk…
    and for me….i don’t think that he had an operation or surgery
    for these last three years…..
    and besides…what’s the matter on having it?
    for me….humans are born to be conscious..we have it in many way…
    so what’s the matter on it…if some did that what so called surgery…
    they did it with reasons …..

  69. and if it’s really true…i still like him…
    i loved him…i still love him…and i will never stop loving him…
    for me that’s the true fan…fan who would accept every decision of her/his idol…..
    what’s wrong of changing something…even it’s the nose…eyes…or any part of the body…did that affect his inner…nothing change..it’s only the physical..right?
    let’ put it these way…..if jang geun suk did not undergo to some surgery…. do you think we would know him..like we’re now?
    again…there’s nothing wrong on surgery…and surgery–we want it for IMPROVEMENT…right?
    and always remember…THERE’S ALWAYS A ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.

  70. i guess the rumor is not true…as for my experience people changed as we grow up ..I looked at my old pictures again and I can say that I really changed a lot from being a kid to a 27 year old woman..my nose also changed but I didn’t get cosmetic surgery…as we get old everything on us change….and the pic is old already and he is a man now not a kid anymore…

  71. i dont care if he has gone with plastic surgery!!! he is still my oppa!!!

  72. i dont care if he has gone with plastic surgery!!! he is still my oppa!!! i hope there would be season 2 in YAB!!! i love its so much!!!!!!!

  73. ey geun suk oppa i lov u soo much! andi i dont beliv u had surgery i think it a sin to be naturaly beautiful as u lol so i guess ppl think u must have had surgery. but it whatever i think u blessed and gifted. stay sweet boo .

  74. annyeongaseyo geumseok! when i saw u in Hwng Jini, i was totally into u………………. WOW U ARE SO CCCUUUUTE! And I also deny the fact about your plastic surgery…….everyone changes their looks as they grow day by day; this is life process……. and don’t worry about dat coz we r here for you anytym anywhere. saraghae oppa. Don’t feel down…. cheer up n always think positive thoughts n dats how you will lead a happy life. afta all those rumours r just people’s imagination….. keep up the good work… AZA AZA FIGHTING!!!!!!

  75. jed piggy rabbit Says:

    annyong haseyoi jang geun suk!!!!!!naerumon jessidel imnida,no paen!!!!just keep up yhe good work!!!whatever happens i’m jst here to support you and i’ll never stop believing in your abilities as a star…GODBLESS……just have aith in GOD…saranghae!!!!!naui tangshin pyol!!!

  76. bueno no tengo que desir mas que

    apoyar amy querido

    jang geun suk

    con fio en ty

    echale ganas

    agregame vale

    bye bye

  77. i see no difference at all……..its just he is thinner now…that’s it and even if he did it wat is the problem???? its his face let him do watever he wants with it!!! love him ♥

  78. what’s the problem? he’s just getting mature. and hairstyle plays a major role in a person’s look. somemore i read about his interview this afternoon, he said he’s the type that loses weight fast, then gains it all again.

    FYI, today was only the 2nd day i know abt the existence of him, cos i just got to know about him last night after i’ve watched DoReMiPaSol, and i fell madly in love with him. i just finished watching Baby and Me, and i love him even more! Hwaiting JGS!! ^^

  79. kaza izumi Says:

    i don’t really care about that.. the plastic surgery all that… the only thing i know ~~~ i’m totally in love wit u, and i like u’r acting,voice too.. what a boy! such a very, very talented man..

  80. Hello, anyway if he has cosmetic surgery or not, I still like him and he’s always handsome. So i don’t mind. And I love all the film which he play.

  81. Цыбжит Says:

    :-):-):-):-) Jang Geun Suk- ты супер!!!:)

  82. 666666666 Says:

    ukh,,,, he’s a horrible one….

  83. Hi to all of you I was Princess Edlyn Luciapao from Philippines I was really a fan of Jang Geun Suk and I also know that many out there like him and many of them was jealous to him so they are making an intrigue about him and this gossip about him that he takes plastic surgery is not necessarily true as the other korean celebrities that are good looking they also making intrigues to them If Jang Geun Suk was reading it I’m really begging him to add me on facebook my email address is princessedlynluciapao@yahoo.com.ph and cellphone number is 09086311114 I hope that we would be friends SARANGHAE JANG GEUN SUK IM ALWAYS HERE TO SUPPORT YOU AND I HOPE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A BIG CONCERT HERE SO THAT I WILL SEE YOU IN PERSONAL…. SARANGHAE!!

  84. hi jang geun suk..
    im theresa from philippines..
    i dont believe that u under go in cosmetic surgery..
    because like u said its a normal thing that happened 3 years ago..

    u know your so handsome..and your my no.1 crush..

    i watch your movie hwang jini..and i cry when you die in that show..
    and now im watching beethoven virus..

    hope you read it..


  85. anneong hansaeyo..
    hi ..jang geun suk..
    you really my idol..
    and my crush too..

    ♥saranghe jang geun suk♥

    ♥theresa 22♥

  86. i can not believe that cosmetic surgery was jgs…………..
    soo the skin was a silly story………..

  87. Helo… It doesnt matr whetr u hd a surgery or nt… Evn if u hd it it wnt change da fact dat ur stil a big fan of mine… So stay cool n ya sarang…

  88. hi it doesnt mart whert u hd surgery or nt.. Evn if u hd it change da fact dat us big fan mine ,, so stay cool ya sarang….

  89. jang geun suk he is the best

  90. jang geunsuk you realy…… handsome

  91. eVaNGeLiNe Says:

    i dont think he had gone to any surgery..
    what for?
    he don’t need it.. he is handsome already..
    he got those cute eyes and smile!
    so what’s the point of having a surgery..
    right oppa?! 🙂

  92. i don’t know what to reply…just that i go w/ these people…

  93. i jst read the comments JGS fans wrote up there…and i say i totally agree, too. Jang Geun Suk is awesome and INCREDIBLY HANDSOME and that cosmetic thing i believe is just a nasty rumor…i do not believe that and i love his role as Hwang Tae Kyung in Minami Shineyo!!! God bless him and help him not do any stupid stuff

    🙂 ps i want to meet him someday…maybe in a fan meeting…;) ❤

  94. i dont believe the rumors about u. And all i could say ur awesome and handsome 4ever. Congrats to ur excellent acting in Your beautifull..Hung nim i hope u will vist our country, Philippines…more power to u and more success to ur carrier.. Saranghee ..

  95. surya hadinata Says:

    hi.jang geon seok is very good.i nationality is afghani but i love jang geon seok very much.with the best wishes for he.

  96. people’s personality changes… as well as their faces you know…. duh! i like Sukkie to the highest level bwahahaha C”,)

  97. hi your cute and handsome

  98. i love he’s beautiful

  99. i love you jang geun suk
    i will soon speak a korean language

  100. lee san dy Says:

    i ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ u so…………………………. much
    i know a littel bit korean because i m a korean girl but i m in usa now so i will meet u soon

  101. Liu wei min Says:

    wo ai ni!! ni shi hen hao!!

  102. hi i’m aysa
    i’m from iran
    i like your singing and acting. my friends and i want to see you but it’s so hard…we always watching you in the arirang TV and movies…
    we love you so much
    good luck.

  103. wotevaaaa!!!!! its his face. always by ur side .:)

  104. i thing it just rumors…
    he already handsome…
    but if we refer his older foto..there are little bit change at his teeth..

  105. I love Jang geun suk

  106. i not believe he got surgery, he got his naturaL handsome Face..3 years ago he got cute face and now still got cute + cool face(handsome)..love him so mucz…he always my idol..hope he can come to malaysia tour..but even got i think hard to see him..sob sob…

  107. JGS I don’t think… he’s gonna come here in the phils.. to what happened here in our country right now. mukhang malabo pa sa sinag ng araw na pupunta yan dito after what happened.

  108. hello! I’m your big fun, I really really like your killer eye!
    I hope that you come here in phils soon…
    i like also your acting in “your beautiful”.

  109. Jang is the best..Keep down to earth, keep spirit.. Im waiting for your new film or serial. Please come to Indonesia.. Visit Bali or Lombok are the same… Ghamsaemida..

  110. hai ! !
    jang guen suk .. i really idolise you .. your so cute !! grabe ^^^ 😡
    i hope that you come here in philippines as soon as possible ..

    saranghae .. ^^^ 😀

  111. ..jang geun suk is just really fuckin cute and i dont believe in that rumor..
    he’s really cute in the movie “doremifasol”i really like the s2ry and his team
    up with miss. CHA RYE YEO

  112. ang geun suk is just really fuckin cute and i dont believe in that rumor..
    he’s really cute in the movie “doremifasol”i really like the s2ry and his team
    up with miss. CHA RYE YEOn

  113. i dont think that rumor is true..coz 4 me he has a natural beauty esp.in the movie doremifasolasido..he’s so cute in that movie..baby face..they have a chemistry of miss. CHA RYE YEON

  114. i still like him…
    anyway he’s still handsome :)(:

    with his cute smile,
    i have been mesmerize…

  115. i don’t believe in that rumor……….:)

    you know what Jang Geun Suk….. your so cute….i like the way you anger….your smile and you’re eyes …. ….. i’m your biggest fan ever
    …. 🙂 you cont… your career whatever they negatives say… trust yourself…

    …..take care always and jesus trust in you….

  116. I dnt blieve f 8 s true…

  117. oppa saranhe i love you

  118. i don’t believe in that rumor …..100%

    …. i like your movie… in every characther you play…it so very cute!…

    i remember my childhood bestfriend with YOU..
    He’s on heaven now…
    I’m happy because i see him through YOU…
    THank yoU…..God Bless….have a successful career….
    TaKe care Best!

  119. Why did he has a cosmetic surgery? it’s not true. his face is already good and it hasn’t any problem. my name is marjan and i was born in iran but now i living in japan however i know you and i’m your fan and i love you so much. i can speak korean a little.by the way your voice is so nice and your acting so good.all of my friend are Japanese they love you so much but i want to say you always my oppa!
    see you soon in japan…

  120. That’s impossible I can’t believe that. His face was so good and he didn’t need cosmetic surgery. I think that’s just a noise. I’m 14 years-old.I was born in Iran but I’m living in australia. I always watch his films. He always has a charming role but because of that news I hate him so much.

  121. hi…jang geun suk you know you are so very handsome…i hope that you can add me in your friendster or in your facebook…..heehehehe….saranghe……

  122. i really like you.i don’t believe this rumor..please continue being nice and unaffected about those nonsense issues.
    im from philippines..hope you would spend some time to visit here. you have so many fans here. and im on top of them..tnx..i love you.

  123. i think he’s just wearing too much make-up coz u couldn’t justify a person having a nose job just through the pics.. pictures could be altered and so can cosmetics like a nose liner..i think its still the same..he just grew up and lost all the fat.. and he’s wearing eyeliner so that makes a huge difference…i’ve seen a lot of nose jobs since im now on my internship as a surgeon and this definitely didnt have niptuck coz his nose moves a lot and follows with his wrinkle lines and he touches his nose a lot..if u got plastic surgery its a no no to too much touching..just compare Kim Hyun Joong’s nose and u’ll see what a real niptuck is..just wait if jgs gets a runny nose to prove my point…

  124. everyone who thinks he has his nose done…go to soompi.com and look for yourself…there’s a picture of him and he was making a piggy nose pushing his nose bridge all the way back..you can’t do that if you have plastic surgery!! have some brain people!!!

    here’s the exact photo!! http://www.soompi.com/photos/pix/1971/106379/page/5#7

  125. ,,,,, i dont believe on that issue. u are naturally handsome,,,..saranghye!!!!!

  126. whatever he does, i’ll love him 4ever.. JGS oppa.. ^^ fighting!!

  127. emily rose guira Says:

    “whatsoever i still like him so much.. . ”
    ohh.. he’s so hot..”

  128. “;whatsoever i still like him so muchh.. .
    ohhHh.. . he is so hot.. . “

  129. Simon Delos Angeles Says:

    he looks like Jo In Sung (leading man of Memories Of Bali)

  130. i love your so beautiful

  131. kristine and angela Says:

    we love he”s beautiful

  132. your so handsome JANG GEUN SUK….I LOVE YAHHH!!!:)))))

  133. helloooooooooooo jang keun suk
    i hope that you find real beauty in deep of your soul! not just face!!!!!

  134. he didn’t undergo in cosmetic surgery. If we tried to look his picture 3 years ago and his current picture or let say his appearance now he didn’t changed. He still looks the same. The only difference was his haircut. when he had long hair,it makes him more handsome or shall I say he is a kind of a person that when he have a long hair it adds his assets compared when he had a short hair.
    try to compared again his picture 3 years ago and his current picture now, you’ll see what I’m saying.

  135. The rumurs not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jang Keun Suk is a great actor, and also one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. i dont care about it,, jang geun suk so handsome..

  137. alliete lumacad Says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much idolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  138. i don’t believe in the rumor.
    his face looks so natural.
    jang geun suk, you are so handsome!

    i hope their would still upcoming shows for you
    and Park Shin Hye.

    you look so cute together!

    i love you!!!! idol!!!!

  139. I’m a fan since I saw him in Hwang Jin Yi.
    He’s so handsome & lovable……

    Anyone who knows his Official fan site?
    Really want to join his fans club =)


  140. loujell jinyi Says:

    Me too I become a huge fan of him since I saw him in hwang jini until now…It’s been 3 years already since I idolized him…He’s my dreamboy…!sukkie oppa I love U..!!!!!!

  141. -hi!..me three..hahaha..joke…yeah i don’t believe it…he’s so handsome..his face seems so natural

  142. 3 years ago right.. of course his face will change.

  143. since i was watched d wangjini i love

  144. jan abegail Says:

    jang geun suk is really handsome.i don’t believe that u undergone in cosmetic SURGERY.i am your NUMBER 1 FANS IN THE WORLD.

  145. helena leng Says:


  146. no matter,
    whatever it is………..i still love him a lot

  147. well idont care if he surgery or what.as long i like when she play his character as well,and doing his job,no metter what he still the cutes boy i’ve seen ever,whit so many talent ……………….i wish he could be mine,

  148. duh! he didn’t take a surgery. . 99.9% sure na sure.
    just see the movie huang jinyi. . as cute as ever parin. .
    sarangheyo jang geun suk. .

  149. db kk citizen Says:

    face does change as time goes by.. i trust him

  150. he is born gorgeous already ,
    surgeries won’t be needed …
    he’s perfect just the way he is …
    besides , those are just “rumors” …

  151. don’t care , still love him …

  152. hi jang geun suk sa rang hae. and sa rang hae to all member of a.n.jell………………..

  153. i don’t care if u undergone surgery or not you are still handsome

  154. hyung nim banyak
    sekali fans mu hmmm aku rasany iri
    tapi aku akan bilang,,,,
    walaupun jauh dan tak kenal..
    tapi aku fans berat mu..
    oppa saranghae♥♥♥

  155. hi…. did you know? you have a lot of fans in this world.
    and I’m one of them. I do not care about the rumors of you.
    I come from Indonesia and I’m glad to know you.
    I wish I could watch your film besides “he’s beautiful” in my country.

  156. ,,,,,

  157. Go Mi Nyeo Says:

    hi… did you know? you have a lot of fans in this world… and i’m one of them… i’m don’t believe about the rumour… you so handsome, cute and cool… saranghae Geun Suk oppa….:)

  158. plastic surgery???? what a rumor… i don’t care …but you are fine the way you are…

  159. nobody is perfect……

  160. RareAngel74 Says:

    I will say this.Hi JGS!!! Love your acting and singing! And it doesn’t matter if you had the surgery or not. That doesn’t take away from who you are. If they are truely your fans they will love you regardless. And if bot, the HELL with them! I look forward to seeing you in more dramas and movies. Happy Holidays!

  161. hallo,jang geun shuk>i really2 love ur acting at movie he’s beautiful.about the rumor,yes,i support say yes..but it is okeay..u still look cute and handsome..i really2 love ur style such as hair,clothing and anything u make it success..u are lucky to have a face just like u.i really wanna see u infront of me while u are on a stage.i always support u..whaterver u do.thanks to wordpress 4r giving us to give a message to our favorite singer and i hope one day i will meet u.

  162. though, I do prefer him when he played in doremifasol..he was so cute there ><

  163. I am wondering whether you all eat too full nothing to do, is it? Comment, complaint, criticize………..Why…. if people want to have a plastic surgery, is it offend you? What people want to do is their wish………
    As for Jang Geum Suk, don’t forget, he joins this field from the very young age. From baby face to teenage face then to mature adult face…. the shape of face can change when time passby, unless he is a “gin” – young forever.
    No matter how, please respect other people decision or privacy.
    I am very sure that once I post this comment, you all sure got a lot to say….. be my guest. ……

  164. helo..i really like ur acting in movie he’s beutiful…what rumour???u still handsme and cute 4 me…..your fan from malaysia will support your career….please come 2 malaysia…u are my dream guy…i love u so much………………………………………………………………………..sarangheyo………………

  165. i love u

  166. i like you so much……………………………………………………………………… you so cute.from malaysia

  167. Hi..ermm..I know that Mr.Jang Geun Suk won’t see this probaly..but I just want to say hi..

  168. Hi again..there are many fans here..I just don’t know maybe you could just see one of my comment..and you’re a busy man,too..

  169. hi. i just like you. kissss.
    i wont see you

  170. Jang Guen Suk has the X-factor. I won’t say that he is handsome as there are better good looking korean artists out there. One thing for sure, he can act and sing well.

    I have enjoyed all his movies and dramas and all his OST’s songs 🙂

  171. juliet moreno Says:

    .he is so handsome and gorgeous .i just want to say hi..

  172. i’ll kill dem u said u did a cosmo surgery i know u r naturally cute n handsome bt pls cut ur hair

  173. young hye Says:

    i dont see any diference between the two pictures! he’s just perfect… why cant ppl understand that?? 😀

  174. LOVE YOU Says:

    ITS CALL HE GREW UP !!!!!!! people change when they grow up. I don’t care if its true or not HE STILL LOOKS GOOD !!!!

  175. i really like JGS, he has great acting n voice. i’m his biggest fans. do or not plastic surgery I don’t care, coz i’m still JGS biggest fans

  176. hello my name is Rania I also sui fan guard

  177. jasmine Says:

    . .jAng geun suk HAs a natural beauty…im pretty sure the rumor isn’t trUe…helLo geun suk…ur my most precious star among all stars…hope u read this..please add me……(email)jhazz79@yahoo.com__(y.M)jadevalle73@yahoo.com…….thAnkz!

  178. jazzcika Says:

    I am an admin of JGS fanclub in Indonesia.
    JGS doesn’t do plastic surgery for his face. But he does for his nose. That is for his perfomance. About his face, After Doremi he shoot Beethoven and Youre Beautiful, his face is same as before.
    He just does a plastic surgery to his nose. Exactly, not surgery like Lee Min Ho, but something like that.
    JGS wants a best perfomance. But I never hope his next plastic surgery. That’s enough. You’re handsome and your body is so perfect for me. 😀

  179. i am one of your fan…. or let me say addict fun of yours i really like. the way you act.. and i dont believe that youve undergone any surgery. your cute. i like.. u. ajah… ur my idol forever.. im addicted to you.. i want to see you in person

  180. rizalie pangilinan Says:

    .. so what if he done a cosmetic surgery,, jang geun suk is still jang geun suk.. im so inlove with his voice.. always listening to his songs..
    jang geun suk,
    i am one of ur avid fan hoping i can see u or even send me anything.. or maybe just say a simple hi or hello.. take care always..

  181. hernalyn botin Says:

    hi!jang geun suk im hernalyn i like u so much.the way you act,sing,it makes me so happy i think im inlove to u(joke!)but i want to see you in personal someday i hope u will come to phillippines soon(i love you)

  182. hi jang geun suk…
    im a big fan here in the philippines..
    i hope you can visit us here ^^

  183. Hi…JGS_ hmmpt i’m a fan of your’s ..
    What if the rumors are true and not?
    I dont care whatever the rumors are..
    but Still He is jang geun suk
    so I like him 4ever whatever the rumors are.

  184. hello J_G_S,

    Hope u will visit here in philippines..
    and more movies and projects to do
    I love ur songs and ur movies
    I’m a big fan of uRs
    Dont worry bout the rumors u are still jang geun suk…

  185. even if u had surgery….(WHICH IS NOT TRUE)
    der is no harm……cuz ur fans will always loveee u
    AND……every second actor has got cosmetic surgery……u shuld be proud u didnt…….AND why wuld u need any surgery…….u are like always our perfect geun suk oppa……..
    chal ja

  186. i love jang geun suk…he has a cute face and perfect body…i envy with his body eventhough im a girl…hope the rumors is not true…his face so natural for me…hope he can coming down to malaysia again for second time…for sure i will meet and greet him at KLIA…looking forward to see you oppa… 🙂

  187. I don’t think u had surgery, no surgery could do anything to fix a face that hot!!! I really loved u in You’re Beautiful, my fav drama by far!!! Luv Ya!!!

  188. Plastic surgery Bristol…

    […]Jang Geun Suk denied the rumor that he had a cosmetic surgery « KoaLa41[…]…

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  190. Tshering c Says:

    hi! jang guen suk
    i m ur great fan ..

  191. he’s natural…at first people compared picture of him when he was only 19…then his face looks different after he gain weight and lost weight. Now they should see carefully in his interview when he is chubby…still very cute

    If he need plastic surgery…I rather he do his jaw to make it broader because of his sharp chin.

  192. hello … how you doing.. mahal kita

  193. mobile hairdresser peterborough…

    […]Jang Geun Suk denied the rumor that he had a cosmetic surgery « KoaLa41[…]…

  194. i think he had a nose job ..

  195. it is common to have plastic surgeries done for Hally Stars. So what? He is still the talented JGS regardless of his look. Oneday he would look much older that now, I believe he would still be the same talented guy

  196. Irishprincess Says:

    I really doubt the rumors are true. I believe what he said. His face looks exactly the same from when he was a kid to now, so I don’t think any cosmetic surgery was done.

  197. Ann Frances Says:

    just accept that he is perfect! many just cannot believe that a perfect man can exist in this imperfect world…well, meet jang keun seok and you better believe it that he can conquer the world with just his smile! i will always be hoping for a more colorful career for you, JGS! never mind the haters, just those who are here to support you all the way! stay strong and healthy!

  198. hi i’m alpha mae……………………………..i love your movies and songs i hope you read it …………………..saranghe……………more power. 🙂

  199. twinklewin Says:

    i don’t care anything whether it is true or not…just in love with u anyway… plz do come & visit U.S “SF”

  200. damm everyone who thinks he had a comestic surgery

  201. Nose job! Chin job! so obvi

  202. pls donot pay attention to what other says or write about you..its just because you are so good that everyone cannot accept the goodness in you…people who critcise you may not know that look chane from chilhood to teenage and teenage to youth..whatever others says donot keep in your mind..you are superstar and I always love you…<3

  203. Piaoliang Says:

    he do cosmetic surgery on nose, lips, and the skin can be treated with creams and food.
    just look at the photos. no one can change that much….
    nobody is perfect.
    he choose to be an idol, and in that kind of jobs, beauty is requierement.
    He is unique, thats true, but put his shoes on you.
    has a lot of responsability on becoming a great idol that think just on us that much.
    he is like, metrosexual, a little weird because is he job to entertain.
    that are he style life
    everybody wants to be pretty in korea. the guys put makeup when goin to date a girl or an job enterview.
    looks arelike an status.
    everybidy thinks ghe is tall like 1.82.
    but. he went to japan and seems to be like he want to make succesfull job in japan but one day in a interview everybody notice that he is not that tall when compared to another guy that size is 1.78 -.-
    and uhm
    theres some farmaceutics things to put in shoes and make you look tall and good posture, (dont remember bname)
    make you look more tall.
    that is he job
    hes great doing it
    but there facts

  204. hey i think the rumors is not true, look he’s super hot even in doremi
    i like him no matter what, so please stop talking none sense okay?

    i love you jang geun suk oppa naye samoheyo ❤

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