Sung Yu Ri doesn’t want to say goodbye to Hong Gil Dong



In the evening of March 26, KBS2 channel will broadcast the last episode of ancient drama Hong Gil Dong. Main actress Sung Yu Ri has expressed her feelings on the official site. She thanks to audience for supporting this drama and hopes that they won’t forget character Yi Nok played by her.

Sung Yu Ri wrote “Up to now, I never had any drama which was left grieves for me as Hong Gil Dong. I appreciate to audience have supported this drama. The filming time gave me unforgettable memories, so sorry that I can’t tell you about those memories.”

Sung Yu Ri also wrote “Thanks for watching the drama till the last episode. Hope you won’t forget me and character Yi Nok.”

Besides, many audiences also left messages showed their regrets on the official site “Felt that the film has just begun; now it’s coming to the last episode. All the pass time, castings and the backstage workers had a hard-time, could see the attraction of each person.”

Hong Gil Dong will broadcast the final episode at 9:55 in the evening of March 26

Etrans: Jess@KST_Cichlid


4 Responses to “Sung Yu Ri doesn’t want to say goodbye to Hong Gil Dong”

  1. Sung yuri fighting. I love all the casts and story in HGD. You hv done a wonderful job protraying yinok.

    Not to forget that you hv a beautiful and cutie face. You are my no.1 most favourite korean actress.

  2. I Love this dramma so much >.<
    it so fun and wonderful ^^

    I found this page called, they have a big collection of Kang Ji Hwan pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

  3. You are so cute! Could you please give me your email address so that I would be updated on your future projects! Keep up the good work!

  4. Yi Nook, i certainly won’t forget this name. She has a great contribution in the life of Hong Gil-dong. She was the love of Gil-dong. She makes Gil-dong smile. Yi-nook playe by Sung Yu-ri is a very lovable character. I can’t forget her. She was one of a kind. Hong Gil-dong drama is indeed beautiful! Wish to see/watch other drama like this.

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