More K-dramas i’m looing forward to…

Drama 1 Mom 3 Dads (played by Eugene,Jo Hyun Jae) held a press conference.


On March 26, new drama of KBS2 One Mom and Three Dads has held a press conference in Seoul. Main casts Eugene, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung Rok have attended.

One Mom and Three Dads is a comic drama which talks about love story of a widow and three men, and among them, she doesn’t know who the real father of her daughter is.

This drama will be broadcasted from April 2 on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Etrans: pooh9x@KST_CICHLID

Drama Powerful Enemy (played by Chae Rim) took photos to propagandize on March 26


In the afternoon of March 26, new drama of KBS Powerful Enemy has taken photos to propagandize with the main castings Chae Rim, Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Jin Wook.

The casts created styles to photograph in a joyful atmosphere. Powerful Enemy talks about the jobs and lives of people who take heavy responsibility to protect the Green House (President’s Palace). Actress Chae Rim will change her previous image completely in order to act as a talented female guard.

The drama will present to audience from April 14 on every Monday and Tuesday’s nights.


Etrans: Jess@KST_Cichlid

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  1. I found this page called, they have a big collection of Chae Rim pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

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