Lee Jun Ki with white hair image


After returning from Hong Kong, famous actor Lee Jun Ki has improved his blog, and he also appeared with a completely new image: white hair.

Recently, Lee Jun Ki always keeps his long hair in order to play ancient drama Iljimae. In the new picture on his blog, he wears a tuxedo with white hair that has received many positive feedback from audiences; most of them think that they have a fresh feeling when looking at his image.

In addition, drama Iljimae will be broadcasted in mid-May which is earlier than expectation, after On Air is finished.

Source: http://krfilm.net/f/t-15494-1-1-lee-jun-ki…-hinh-toc-trang
Etrans: pooh9x@KST_CICHLID

–> Junki looks like a doll with his white hair… he’s sooo cute… ^^


7 Responses to “Lee Jun Ki with white hair image”

  1. he look like Hero Jae Joong from Dong Bang Shin Ki, if his hair is white…
    but i still like him…

  2. He looks cute..but i still like his black hair…but it doesn’t matter…He can carry out any style…coz he’s so cute

  3. he’s still so cute even in a white color hair….he can carry any style of his hair…..he makes me crazy over him…..

  4. I like his.His hair style is very beautiful.

  5. hey when did u become grandfather kidding lookin gr8t but black hair is much better this much only actualy i wrote a lots of comment but i didn’t get a single response i’m steel waiting 4 ur reply ok bey bey luv u so much nd atlast tack care be healthy ………………………………………..

  6. pikapika erissa Says:

    i never stop to admire lee jum ki

  7. pickap…

    […]Lee Jun Ki with white hair image « KoaLa41[…]…

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