Kang Ji Hwan: wanted to have a girlfriend as his birthday gift


On March 20, actor Kang Ji Hwan hosted a party to celebrates his 31st birthday.

Approximately 200 fans from Japan, China, Taiwan…etc, have attended the birthday celebration, which was held at 8pm, at Konguk University.

Although he was busy with the final scenes in the ancient drama Hong Gil Dong, but because of the Japanese audiences’ enthusiasm, Kang Ji Hwan has decided to host this birthday party.

Kang Ji Hwan’s manager revealed, “The audiences of some country in Asia, especially Japan, really paid close attentions to the drama Hong Gil Dong and the main actor Kang Ji Hwan. Not only the fans themselves, but also many of the foreign reporters were present in the celebration to interview Kang Ji Hwan”.

In addition, the main actress Sung Yu Ri, the “Hwal Bin Dang”’s members such as Park Sang Wook and Cha Hyun Jung also attended the celebration to cheer for their “leader” Kang Ji Hwan.

During the birthday celebration, when Kang Ji Hwan was asked, “Which birthday present would you want the most?”, he answered, “It would be great if I have a girlfriend”. His answer really surprised all the attendees.

Kang Ji Hwan said, “On March 19, after finishing the action scene with Sung Yu Ri and some other casting members offsite, Sung Yu Ri presented me with a birthday cake, and we all had a simple party. Having the opportunity to live and work with them make me feel very proud”.

Kang Ji Hwan revealed, “Actually, half a month ago was also Sung Yu Ri’s birthday. We have promised to exchange present with each other. Sung Yu Ri’s present is a puppy. Because of the very tight filming schedule I still haven’t had a chance to get her gift yet. It will have to be until after the drama has ended, before I could give her the present”.

After the party was over, Kang Ji Hwan and his viewers watched Hong Gil Dong’s episode 23 together. He said, “I am really happy that I could watch Hong Gil Dong with the audiences, the drama which has made me worked really hard over the past six months. I will try my best to do a great job on the final episode. Hopefully, it will be a source of joy for you”.

–> Can i be that girlfriend? wahahaha!!! ^^


61 Responses to “Kang Ji Hwan: wanted to have a girlfriend as his birthday gift”

  1. ^^! wanna be his GF >.<

    his charming make me fain TToTT

    I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of Kang JI Hwan pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

  2. i wish be your girlfriend!!!!!

  3. i hope he could visit th Philippines i really love him!!

  4. Jennilyn Sidney Says:

    Mr. Jo Tae Jyu you are really an amazing actor and you can deliver yourself naturally.. You are one of my favorite actor because you look humble and funny..Ü.. I wish you goodluck and more birthdays to come.. don’t worry you will find the girl of your dreams.. jjiayo!!♥

  5. Jennilyn Sidney Says:

    oh.. typographical error.. it’s JO TAE GYU..hahaha..Ü.. by the way I’m your fan from the Philippines.. I’ve seen all your dramas and it’s great!Ü.. take care always!Ü

  6. Kang Ji Hwan is a handsome and hilarious guy…I wish that I could be his good friend and hope that he will soon find his true and beloved girlfriend.
    Kang Ji Hwan!Good luck in finding your dream girlfriend!

  7. I love him so much from Myanmar

  8. you are so swwet . your smile make me feel crazyyyy!!!

  9. He’s as good as the way he acts. He never fails to make me smile every time I watched his dramas. Hope to see more of your dramas and movies soon. keep smiling!:)

  10. he is so charming….. i like it when he smiles……. i dont know what to say now…. he is so gorgeous.;-)

  11. girlfromUSA Says:

    You are so attractive. I wish I could meet you someday. If I was your girlfriend, I would cook you a lot of Korean dish. Anyways, I hope you find a girlfriend, she is going to be the luckiest girl on this earth. Good Luck

  12. i love you so much…and you are cute boy..i wish you you will be success more then now

  13. onegirlfromworld Says:

    i love you so much…and you are cute boy..i wish you you will be success more then now

  14. crizzho_xiao Says:

    hoping i can attend to your birthday this coming 20th..

    and hoping you’ll be here in the philippines

    and to be one of ur friends to welcome you at the airport..hehehe..

    thank you so much………….


  15. crizzho_xiao Says:

    nothing to do here at work..

    havin graveyard shift here!!!!


  16. crizzho_xiao Says:

    when you’ll be celebrating your birthday?

    can you come here secretly??

    just askin…

  17. crizzho_xiao Says:

    hoping that you can reply to my messages…..

    just call me crizzho

    located here at taguig philippines..


    market market 3rd floor THE FORT TAGUIG PHILIPPINES..

    just page me to my email


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  19. OMG
    My star finds GF!!
    where I go?!!<~out
    I am sure,,she is a lucky girl
    kang oppa I hop all the aest 2 U

  20. Hmmm….. I smell something fishy between Sung Yu-ri and Kang Ji-hwan. Exchanging gift? It mean something. Well, it would be great if both of them developed a “strong connection”. Kang Ji-hwan is handsome, charming, funny, and lovable. Sung Yu-ri is pretty too. So I guess it’s nice if they will become couple. But on the other side, if Kang Ji-hwan is looking for a girlfriend I also think that Han Hye-jin is quite matching to Ji-hwan. I have seen their drama Be Strong Geum Soon. And they are perfect. To be honest one of my wish is that Hye-jin ang Ji-hwan would become a lover in real life. I can feel that they are perfect match. And they are both my favorite KArtist. Haaay! I wish it would be realized.

  21. when i was a kid, i love to receive an assortment of birthday presents like teddy bears and mechanical toys ;’:

  22. Dear my favorite Korean Film Star, Kang Ji-Hwan,
    it is too late to say “Hello” to you but I think that it was not too late for me to do. I like so much your action played in movies that I have ever watched on Television broadcasted from Myanmar Radio and Television Center. I promise you that I will be your audience for ever and I would like to tell you (8) things. First, you don’t surrender if you are facing with difficulties. Second, you don’t forget your religious practice. Third, you do try your best to do a great job on your real life. Fourth, you do avoid alcohol, smoking tobacco and other drugs that make your successful life to be destructive. Fifth, you do remember your audience who have been encouraging to you for ever. Sixth, you do keep your smile and gentle behaviour when you interact with others. Seventh, you don’t be bad emotion like as extreme anxious, jealous and anger feeling when others irritate to you. Eight, you do ever keep your body and mind in a healthy state with adaptive life-style.

    your elder sister from Myanmar

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  27. with the looks & physique you have, you’ll definitely find one. don’t rush! it’ll be presented to you…though sometimes birthday gifts are delayed…but don’t worry. when she’s for you, it’s for you. it’s just sometimes, they come during unexpected moments in your life. when this time come, get hold of her. SHE maybe the ONE you’ve been waiting for….after all, you’re still young.

    I’d like to also commend for your acting…you’re good. there’s something in your face that captures every audience. it’s deep but just the look on your face, we understand what it is. it’s rare for korean actors. you have that X Factor. God bless!

  28. wish Lie to Me can be viewed in the Philippines…just like Fireworks before.

  29. tweety Says:

    wish u can visit here n the phil…we luv u here

  30. lou dyan papa Says:

    ..,we lOve yuo..
    take care always..

  31. Aishiteru ningyou Says:

    ok, i know its too late to reply but, i can be your girlfriend, or even your wife.. lol.. seriously, i found him really attractive.. i love the eyes and his smile.. my oh my.. 😀

  32. cristine Says:

    i love you !! :))

  33. you’re the man of my dreams.. wish to see in you person even for just a second.. that will really make me happy… saranghamnida…

  34. crisssy Says:

    kang ji hwan.. i wish i met u at personal… u have a decent image.. that i really admire u… so sad coz its too impossible… but u inspired me alot.. thanks and take care always….=)

  35. jennifer Says:

    kang ji hwan.. the first time i watch lie to me, i don’t want to stop watching. u always in my mind, even in dreams… i don’t no why, may be because your character in lie to me is my ideal man. I feel like a crazy woman because i always imagine your cute face. I know you are best medicine… saranghamnida…

  36. Can u be my boyfriend? 😉 i’m a big fan of yous in the philippines

  37. joanne reyes cruz Says:

    I love watching LIE TO ME!!! SOBRA!

  38. love to be your wife,not only girlfriend..

  39. Anna Liza L. Says:

    i like the way you act in lie to me koreanovelas called here in the philippines,….. i really loved to watch for it even i dont have a television i just rented a computer to watch over and over again ill pay 50 pesos a day ,…..

  40. Bernice Yabut Says:

    i hope there’s a part II of Lie to me! I really love & admire their tandem

  41. MiriamChinitaRosero Says:

    I also want to become his Gf. hahaha 🙂

  42. MiriamChinitaRosero Says:

    And also i wish you can visit your Fans Here at the Philippines 🙂

  43. jenalyn medina Says:

    i wish he can visit Philippines,i love all your shows I’m one of the biggest fun,i wish you can read this though i know your very busy person,,i love “lie to me” so much but I’m hoping for part two.

  44. please visit here in manila also kang ji-hwan have a fans here

  45. please come with lie to me cast and specially yoon eun hye

  46. nicole piad Says:

    I hope yoon eun hye will be kang ji hwan girlfriend.

  47. Just want to say hi… From the beautiful country Philipines…take care..love watching you on screen..Stay kind always…

  48. Haii !! Hyung, kang ji hwan ‘wish u all the best, take care always we love u here in the phil. We hope that u will visit here <3….:))

  49. nhaiiiii-KANG:D Says:

    ohhh eeemm.. Kang ji-hwan,u luk great.i admire u soooooo much.ur smile always driven me crazy.hope u can visit ur fans here @ philippines. Mwa:* a bunch ov care.

  50. nhaiiiii-KANG:D Says:

    ohhhh emmm..KANG JI-HWAN,u luk great..i admire u sooooooo much.ur smile always driven me crazy..hope u can visit ur fans here @ philippines.. A bunch ov care. Mwa:*

  51. nhaiiiii-KANG:D Says:

    hope angela(Lie To Me) will be ur girlfriend not only in ur drama series but also in real life.. I do really lyk ur tandem..

    LuvBothOfYouMuch.. Mwa:*

  52. watch lie to me!!!! suppperrr adorable!!! it made me laugh and cry at the same time! i admire you and angela sooo much!. hope she will be your girlfriend,, hope you visit the Philippines soon… mmmmmmwaaah!

  53. OMG,I just watched the “lie to me”,I fell in love with Kang Ji Hwan…I love you..

  54. WILL YOU WAIT FOR ME? well i wish my birthday is MARCH 26, 1977 and not 1998 so that our age is just the same. 😦

  55. can u be my gf…..hehe……love kang ji hwan….

  56. can u b my bf…..hehe

  57. I will be your girl friend 🙂 . I also wanted to say do not be uoset with the ratings for lie to me seems alot liked it even in the states. Fell for Kang Ji Hwan after watching that. 🙂 . Oh well in my dreams he will be.

  58. hi mr kang ji hwan.. im your fan.. i wish to see you in person..

  59. i really miss you mr kang ji hwan..

  60. i want to be your gf!!!

  61. Everly Perez Says:

    I love you Khang Ji-Hwan

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