Hong Gil Dong ended with many regrets.


Ancient drama Hong Gil Dong of KBS has ended in the night of March 26 since it was airing for almost 3 months.

Hong Gil Dong is the newest work of popular scriptwriters Hong sisters that are Hong Mi Ran and Hong Jung Eun. Therefore, it became the most expectation drama of audience in the first quarter of 2008. However, it ended with many regrets.

Since it was airing, Hong Gil Dong had to compete with drama New Heart of MBC, and the ratings always at the rate of 13-14%. However, Hong Gil Dong still had attention of young audience.

After New Heart was ended, new drama On Air of SBS became the lead and came over Hong Gil Dong. According to statistical numbers of TNS, ratings of last episode on March 26 of Hong Gil Dong only reached 13,8% which was far away from On Air’s (20,1%).

Moreover, Hong Gil Dong began with funny and joyful ideas but ended in tragedy with many surprises that made audience disappointed.

Source: http://krfilm.net/f/t-15813-1-1-hong-gil-d…diem-dang-tiec-
ETrans: heoconphaphach@KST_CICHLID.

My thoughts: I was disappointed about the ending myself… but still… i love this drama, hehe! ^^


11 Responses to “Hong Gil Dong ended with many regrets.”

  1. iurgnotmis Says:

    Yup, it’s one of those hard to come about good dramas.

  2. I really liked this drama, even though it had odd parts to it. Sometimes sad or strange endings are what some people like, or what is designed to be.

  3. oh.. i think it’s just a challenge for the actors… and not really a regret…

  4. I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of Kang Ji Hwan pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

  5. Thanks for posting a comment and for the link. ^^

  6. I personally loved the ending. I thought it was a wonderful way to go out. As we all know, Hong Gil Dong’s world was not possible in the 17th century.

    As a Norwegian, I am amazed that the producers found the ending score “Lær meg å kjenne” with Sissel Kyrkjebø. It was perfect for the ending.

    And Kang Ji Hwan is one of the best actors out there, no matter what nationality – he alone is worth watching HGD for! 🙂

  7. I loved the drama, I wasn’t disappointed, but I can’t say I wasn’t sad! It was a very touching ending, one of those make you cry endings, I found it really cute how at the end, Yi Nok asked do u even know what I love you means, n Gil Dong answered ” I love you in korean” – that to me was very sad it made me cry that they died, but happy that they died together, I feel sad for Chang Hui though because he also would have been good for Yi Nok, Best Drama I have seen in a Long Time, and the Actors I HOPE will film together for a happier story next time.

  8. i was very dissapointed at th end.. i never did watch it agian, but i just can’t resist the prince and yi nok.. so everytime i watch it until the end, i
    would cry.. but then i got over it.. :>

  9. yangmee Says:

    I liked that this drama touched on topics such as opium addiction and prostitution. I love happy endings and was a little disappointed at how the drama ended. However, it is still one of my all time favorite dramas. You know, I hope that there will be a second Hong Gil Dong, so that the prince and GD can find new ways to work together in changing their world. I think that if the writers really wanted to, they could find a whole lot of things to write about. I also would like to see this cast together again. I really like Jang Geun Suk as the prince. I would have liked to see his character grow and change.

  10. Yup not that I like something end up with tragedy, I just thougt it really perfect ending for the movie that tells about the bad thing of class sociaty

  11. Hong Gil-dong is indeed a very beautiful drama! Kang Ji-hwan and Sung Yu-ri are perfect for the drama. The drama started in a funny situation but ended up in a tragic way. They are both killed by the people sent by Chang-hwi. But I have no regret c0z they died holding each others hands. Not like in other tragic drama that they both die in diferrent/separate way. The drama is very nice. OST are well-chosen. Characters are well-portrayed.

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