Eric will appear in an ancient drama of KBS2 in June


My thoughts: can’t wait for his last drama before he leaves for military… 

Singer and actor Eric has decided his final work before joining in the army

He will appear in an ancient drama of KBS2 channel named Choi Kang Chil Woo (temporary). Eric will play main male character Kang Chil Woo.

Choi Kang Chil Woo is the second mini-series ancient drama of KBS in 2008 after Hong Gil Dong. Character Kang Chil Woo played by Eric is a lowest rank mandarin who works in the Criminal Court (is the place where interrogate criminals). In daytime, he’s a normal person who has nothing special, not smart, and also can’t do anything.

But in nighttime, Kang Chil Woo becomes to the strongest assassin who is specialize in annihilate the rascals, to liberate the justice spirit. Eric will be experienced with a character has two different faces.

The drama uses background of Criminal Court (equivalent as present police office) with the imposing action scenes.

This will be the final work of Eric before he enlists. His management company Topclass said “Eric feels that he himself is not suitable with ancient dramas, but the script is really interesting. Therefore, he decided to act this drama. He has relaxed for a year, now his health has already recovered. When the drama is finished in mid-August, Eric will go to do military service in September.

Choi Kang Chil Woo will be aired from June 9 on every Monday and Tuesday evening after Powerful Enemy (played by Chae Rim)

Etrans: Jess@KST_Cichlid


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