Hong Gil Dong – Finale


I’m soo sad… Hong Gil Dong, my favorite drama for this season has ended last night. I was so excited as w the drama ended but after reading the detailed events of the last episode i… i became upset and a bit disappointed with how the ending turns out… i’m so sad but still i love the drama because of the cast and story but mainly because of Kang Ji Hwan. ^^


8 Responses to “Hong Gil Dong – Finale”

  1. Me too, I love Kang Ji Hwan, his performace and acting skills are very convincing! I feel that he is not given the attention he trully deserves, though. He is such an underrated actor, to think that he is so great! I would like to see him getting more recognitions in the future. He trully deserves it. Indeed gives his best in every thing that he does, such stellar performance. When he cries, I cry, when he laughs, I laugh, when he flirts and gives that dashing megawatt smile!!! Aigoo! I blushed! I like Hong Gil Dong so much, but the ending sucks and if you see the 1st episode it’s kinda misleading since it looked like they all survived! Anyways, even though, there are flaws in this movie, the acting and performance was outstanding! ONLY THE BEST SO FAR!

  2. I’m kinda sad about the ending as it didn’t turn out what I expected…I really wonder whether it’s true that hong gil dong is gonna live for hundreds of years….Honestly,I doubt it!

  3. hong gil dong lives for hundreds of years not because the man hong gil dong live as person, but the spirit of him will raise in all ppl heart. bittersweet ending. i can take this kind of ending..

  4. love kang ji hwan here..and i just hooked ever since and fall in love with his acting. and looking for his another dramas. just watched movie is a movie and i’ve got satisfied with two leading man esp kang ji hwan. even i dont like kind of gangster movie coz too much blood in it, but i watch it coz ji hwan in it:D
    kang ji hwan, more power! fighting!

  5. the drama is the best in 2009… but the ending is not really what i expected… in the 1st episode u can see the whole gang attacking the rich man’s place… but in the final episode the whole gang died… i don’t get it…

  6. I have only watche Hong Gil-dong in DVD. I have purchase a copy of this. The Drama is tragic because Hong Gil-dong and Yi-nook died. Though it is sad. But I am happy because the die holding each other. I really really this drama.

  7. marie rose Says:

    kang ji hwan is really amazing actor… the he acted in his drama is natural…

  8. i love you hong gil dong

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