[08.03.24][news] Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary: Time for the last concert


Sharing 10 years of friendship together, the 6 members of Shinhwa will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on March 24. They said that the motivation that has pushed them on for such a long time is “our trust in each other”

As the longest-running group in Korea, they will be holding their 10th anniversary concert at Seoul Olympic Park on 29 and 30 March. As members Eric and Kim Dongwan are due to enlist in the army this year, this will be the last time the members will be holding a concert and releasing an album under the name of “Shinhwa” in the near future. After the release of the 9th album in early April, all group activities will be put on hold.

“It feels terrible having to send the hyungs off first. Maybe my tears will just gush out during the concert.” – Junjin

“Luckily it’s not an incomplete number like 8 or 9, but a complete 10. I’m kidding (laughs). Being able to spend the past 10 years under the name of ‘Shinhwa’, I think it has been the happiest time of my life. We can’t go back to our precious memories now, but maybe it will still be the same from now onwards.” – Eric

Shinhwa members were filming their MV near the fossil site at Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do. And in order to get into character, their fake handguns were also equipped with fake bullets. Although they all had the poise, but their faces all wore the excitement of kindergarten kids as they played around with the fake guns. The plot of the MV involved Shin Hyesung, Junjin, Andy, Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan having to rescue Eric who had been kidnapped by a rival gang.

“Isn’t my hairstyle the same as my dad’s (Charlie Park)?” Junjin joked as he did the Rimario dance (the dance that Andy used to do on Love Letter). Hyesung was nearby looking at the mirror wearing his fake moustance. Lee Minwoo flashed his bronzed chest muscles, while Andy was pretending to shoot wearing a bright yellow shirt. Eric attempted to greet the Uzbekistan extras with the Spanish he learnt in high school, but was embarrassed when they replied fluently in Korean, “Hyung please speak Korean.”

Although Shinhwa’s group activities will stop for now, but members will all be busy with their own solo projects. Kim Dongwan and Junjin will release their 2nd albums respectively, while Lee Minwoo will be holding his solo concert in the US and in Shanghai. Eric will act in a drama before he enlists into the army, Andy will also feature in a drama after he finishes his promotions for his first album, while Shin Hyesung is scheduled to release his 3rd solo album in June.

So what do they think of the next 10 years? Shin Hyesung said, “We’ll be married and even when everyone becomes ahjusshis I’ll still remember Shinhwa forever. Although everything will change, but all the memories and experiences we had as Shinhwa, that’s probably the best thing in the world to us.”

Source: joongang & oceans
Chi trans: julias@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


2 Responses to “[08.03.24][news] Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary: Time for the last concert”

  1. Awww..1 decade Shinhwa! Happy Anniversary! ^^
    Kakkoii pic/MV! Even Sungie ❤ show that to me ha!
    Jinnie has long hair again? What’s up with Wannie? and Andy…as usual ^^
    How long will Eric & Dong Wan be gone?
    And ahem…Daddy Charlie Park is still included (may papel pa rin LOL) XD

    1st time comment, sorry for spamming ^^v

  2. Excellent site koala41.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here: this .. as it’s taken me literally 1 hours and 28 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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