Saeng-il Chukahae KANG JI HWAN sshi… ^^

Name: Kang Ji Hwan (강지환)
Real name : Jo Tae Gyu (조태규)
Birth : 3/20/77
Height : 184Cm, Weight : 73Kg
Blood type : B

Hong Gil Dong (KBS, 2008) [currently airing]
Capital Scandal (KBS, 2007)
90 Days Falling in Love (MBC, 2006)
Fireworks (MBC, 2006)
Be Strong, Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
You’ll Find Out (KBS2, 2004)
More Beautiful Than a Flower (KBS2)
Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2004)

The Guest (2006)


One Response to “Saeng-il Chukahae KANG JI HWAN sshi… ^^”

  1. Bamboo VN Says:

    Almost your films, i watched already, for us, very great, it’s true.
    Pls know that, even you have only 1 audience happy to you, it’s also your happiness. And now you have many many fans….they all love you very much, me too!
    Do not so care about number of audiences, it’s not too important for you.
    I do not know you read or not yet my reply, so I send this again to you. Hope you can read what i send and feel happy as well as i very happy when i can see you:

    Dear KJH and your family, also to all your film Directors, your film producers,

    Life is too short. Do you think so?
    THank for your mother who bring you to us. All God give you from us sent to you that are famous, success, lovings and other very good feelings from us.
    Pls keep it and try more and more for now as well as for future.
    Because never repeat a Kang Ji Hwang except you have twin brother,
    because you still not have many dramas or movies yet for our wish,
    we always would like to see you everyday after a long hour work hard, after many other unhappyness in our life. You give us good releases, relax and good feelings, we feel happy when have your films.

    All of your shows, your scenes, your faces, your smiles, and…most are your eyes…it’s great, wonderful!
    very man face, very good-looking,most lovely eyes, special
    your eyes make some poeple thing that you have general and balance factors of your face between soft (long eyelashes & smiles) and strong (face moudle, noodle, shape..)
    you are one of very little poeple have long eyelashes, this can be a strong pint, advantage for your film career. Eventhough you knew already, because it’s belong to you, for ex. the scene Han Ji Min and you kiss together in Ep. 15-Capial Scandal (at that time you stayed in hospital, the Director plays very close the images of your eyelashes). pls watch it again if you forgot it!…oh..make us very surprise about your eyes…great!

    Ofcourse, no need for us to talk about all your performings, your plays,all is ok, very great! We see your try to do your best!
    Always happy and success, good health to you all!
    Remember and do not let time go over very quickly without you!

    Hope to see you always more and more!
    Thank you very much for everything related to you, your mother, also to all your film Directors, your film producers!


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