KDrama Addiction…

I’m already having my early vacation before my graduation…. and i’m spending it by watching Kdramas (from KBSWorld-Dramas from DVDs i bought-downloaded dramas). But most of the dramas i’m currently addicted to are dramas being aired in Korea right now. Here are the list of dramas i am currently watching…. or getting addicted to…

Daily Drama:

KBS 2008 – I Hate You But It’s Fine 
I Hate You But It’s Fine
Han Ji Hye & Kim Ji Suk
Comments: This is the only daily drama i’m watching… i love the DanBaek couple but i find the story slow paced but i still enjoy watching it both from KBSworld & videos from the internet.


KBS 2008 – Single Papa is in Love
Cast: Oh Ji Ho, Heo Yi Jae, Kang Seong Yeon, Shin Dong,Ahn Do Gyu
Comments: I fancy dramas with kids on it….it just makes the story sooo cute and lovable.. I started watching this yesterday (episodes 1 & 2) and i immediately got hooked with the story. I just hope it won’t become draggy and all that sad with the coming episodes.


KBS 2008 – Hong Gil Dong
Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yu Ri & Jang Geun Suk
Comments: My most favorite drama at the moment…. It stars my 2nd favorite actor: Kang Ji Hwan and the cute actor Jang Geun Suk plus one of my favorite actress Sung Yu Ri. The drama i comic action with a very cute lovestory. I dunno how else to explain how much i love the drama… i’ll just probably make another entry for this one when the drama finishes. ^^

SBS 2008 – On Air
Park Yong Ha, Kim Ha Neul, Song Yoon Ah, Lee Bum Soo
Comments: I still haven’t seen the entire episode 1 butwith the scenes i had seen so far… i find the drama cute and interesting. I love the cast and the story which revolves around the entertainment industry…kinda like the old drama All About Eve.

MBC 2008 – Who Are You
Starring: Kye Sang, Kang Nam Gil, Go Ara, Lee Eon, Jin Lee Han, Ahn Seon Young
Comments: I got hooked with this drama right after watching episode 1. The story revolves not only about love between a girl and a boy but also the love of a father for his daughter…. i think this drama is gonna be touching but funny. ^^


 KBS 2008 – Mom’s Dead Upset / Mom Has Grown Horns
Cast: Shim Eun Jung, Ryu Jin, Lee Yu Ri, etc…
I’m looking forward to my weekends because of this cute and funny drama i’m watching at KBSworld. The story was written by a famous writer who had made 5 successful weekend dramas in the past..

SBS 2008 – I Am Happy / Happiness / Bliss
Cast: Lee Hoon, Kim Hyo Jin, Ahn Yonh Joon, Kim Jong Su (singer)
Comments: I decided to download this drama due to intrigue with why withs2 decided to sub this long weekend drama…but after watching the first 2 episodes i realized the reason why…. the story is about a royal family with fashionable clothes, proper ettiquete and a lot more… the cast is good too… The child star Ahn Yoon Joon is in it too.. ^^
MBC 2008 – Last Scandal of My Life
Cast: Jun Jeong Ho & Choi Jin Shil
Haven’t seen the drama yet but i love the story based on the synopsis i read… i also like Jun Jeong Ho so i decided to download this drama. I’ll probably watch the 1st episode sometime this week.


KBS 2007 – Capital Scandal
Cast: Kang Ji Hwan, Han Ji Min, Ryu Jin, Han Go Eun
Comments: All i can say is that i’ve watched the drama 3 times already and i’m watching and watching it over and over again…. I love the cast especially kang Ji Hwan and the story itself…. ^^


Three Dads and One Mom
Da Mul / Big Fish
East of Eden
Cain & Abel


8 Responses to “KDrama Addiction…”

  1. dis is awsome some movie i have not seen keep on postin

  2. The first ever KDrama I watched is the “Memories Of Bali”. Where Ha Ji-won(Lee Seo-jung), Jo In-sung(Zeng Jae-min), and So Ji-sub(Kang Ren-seo) is the primary characters. It’s a beautiful drama that I can’t forget all the scenes. Because of these drama I considered myself “KDrama Addict”. Because I keep watching KDramas till now.

    My addiction become worst when I watched the movie “Be Strong Geum Soon”. It was also the time that I idolize Kang Ji-hwan and Han Hye-jin. Since then, I am looking forward on watching some of my fave KDramas.

    Here’s the list of my KDrama DVD Collection:
    1. Yi San
    2. My Girl
    3. The Legend
    4. Stairway To Heaven
    5. Damo
    6. Memories of Bali
    7. Jumong
    8. Stained Glass
    9. Hello! Miss(Hello! My Lady)
    10. Return of Iljimae
    11. Be Strong Geum Soon
    12. 1% of Anything
    13. The Painter of the Wind
    14. My Name Is Kim Sam-soon
    15. Goong S
    16. Only You
    17. Jejungwon
    18. Thank You
    19. Hong Gil-dong

    Future KDrama to watch/collect:
    1. Hwang Jin-yi
    2. Prince’s First Love
    3. Loving You a Thousand Times
    4. Innocent You
    5. Shinning Inheritance
    6. Giant
    7. Secret Garden (upcoming drama)
    8. Poseidon (upcoming drama)

  3. Additional KDrama that I have watched but not in my DVD collections are:
    1. Boys Over Flowers
    2. Lovers in Paris
    3. Love Story in Harvard
    4. Spring Waltz
    5. Princess Lulu

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