Brian Joo’s MySpace Post – Jan.14, 2008

MYSPACE still active^^


I know that I said that I was gonna get rid of my MYSPACE, and I was going to, until I realized that not everyone uses FACEBOOK… So I am very sorry for having you all believe that I was never going to use MYSPACE anymore… So, for those of you still with me, come by as often as you can… GOD BLESS YA’LL~!!


>>>>> That is sooo… sweet of Brian… though he wants to abandon his myspace account he decided not too for the sake of his fans who can’t use facebook…. awww…. it’s making me fall even more for him.. ^^


3 Responses to “Brian Joo’s MySpace Post – Jan.14, 2008”

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  2. o.o what’s his myspace link?

  3. KayKrazie Says:

    omg!!!!brian joo??? is it really you? i just wnt to say hi, i created myself a my space because i heard you have one. I love you and i was wondering maybe you can put me as your friend. thank you and i hope we’re chat again. see you later.

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